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Untitled document One of the more annoying characteristics of those who have decided that President Bush is the root of all evil is the tendency of those people to twist what he, and others they see as carrying a message … Continue reading

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A Murder Of Democracy

Untitled document Mexico is in serious trouble due to the blind lust for power of one man. Andrés Manuel López Obrador appears to be intent on overturning what seriously appears to be a legal, if very close, election regardless of the cost … Continue reading

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A Certain Silence

Untitled document Did you hear about the pipe bomb in Hinsdale, Illinois that exploded in a trash can in a commuter railroad station? It happened Friday morning at about 6:50 am. Nobody was hurt in the blast. It was a … Continue reading

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Remember The Pied Piper Of Saipan

Untitled document Guy Gabaldon, sometimes called the "Pied Piper of Saipan" has died in California. He was 80 years old. (I do not believe I had heard of Gabaldon before today). But he single-handedly talked as many as 1,500 Japanese soldiers … Continue reading

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A Tightening Noose

Untitled document Ralph "Bucky" Phillips is rapidly running out of running room. That tends to happen to suspected cop killers. The career criminal who is suspected to have murdered a New York State trooper escaped from a jail less than … Continue reading

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Mexican Court To Declare Calderon Winner?

Untitled document Reuters reports that sources close the the Mexican electoral court indicate that the court will declare Felipe Calderon the winner of the contested Mexican presidential election tomorrow in a special session. The source says the vote should be … Continue reading

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Rah, Rah, Siss, Boom…. Bah.

Untitled document The media cheer leading gets a stern call out from Ed Morrisey over at the Captain's Quarters. He's pretty hard on the New York Times. With good reason mind you. The Times is obviously playing opinion as news, … Continue reading

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Serious Mole Problem In Brazil

Untitled document Authorities in Sao Paulo, Brazil have had to resort to a special operation to rid the city of a major mole problem. They instituted something called "Operation Mole Faction" and it produced immediate results. They arrested 28 people … Continue reading

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The International Shambles

Untitled document Tim Hames writes in the Times of London on what the international shambles over a coherent stand against Iran's nuclear ambitions will likely bring about. It is not at all a rosy picture. For all the dedicated "internationalists" … Continue reading

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Atlantis Set For Wednesday Launch

Untitled document NASA is extremely optimistic that a Wednesday afternoon launch of the shuttle Atlantis will go as planned. As of right now there is only a 20% chance of a weather-related cancellation. Unlike last week's planned launch attempts, the … Continue reading

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Not At All Helpful

Untitled document CAIR continues to garner international attention for its cries of Muslim oppression in the US. The utterly shocking statistics they cite? 1,552 complaints in 2004. Only 141 are called potentially violent. "Most Americans don't know Muslims except for … Continue reading

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Sudan Orders African Union Out Of Darfur

Untitled document The government of Sudan has ordered African Union peacekeepers to leave Darfur. At the same time they have rejected UN peacekeepers. It would appear that the Sudanese government fully intends to continue conducting genocide in the Darfur region. … Continue reading

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The Sad Day

Untitled document When I was a child growing up in Western New York State, school traditionally started in the week following Labor Day most years. So the Labor Day holiday became indelibly linked in my mind to the end of … Continue reading

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Populist Nonsense

Untitled document I seldom agree with Washington Post columnist Sebastian Mallaby. Today is no exception. He starts his column right off with a ridiculous statement: "By now almost everyone agrees that inequality is serious." Almost everybody? Really? Maybe in the … Continue reading

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Flying Sardine Can Fully Loaded

Untitled document An Airbus A-380, fully loaded with 474 Airbus employees has taken off in a 7 hour test flight from Toulouse. The human guinea pigs are helping put the enormous double-decker aircraft through internal system testing. During the seven-hour … Continue reading

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