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Missing The Point

Untitled document With all due respect to Donald Gregg and Don Oberdorfer, who wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, they are missing the point here. They call, quite strenuously, for more dialog with North Korea rather than sanctions. But … Continue reading

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Blair Stepping Down Next Year?

Untitled document Reuters is carrying a report, based off the newspaper The Sun, that Tony Blair is planning to step down as Prime Minister of Britain on July 26, 2007. The report is not confirmed by Blair's government yet. The report … Continue reading

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Disorderly Border

Untitled document A very insightful post from John Krenson, posting at One Hand Clapping on the situation at the Mexican border. It makes a very strong case for why we really need control of the border – and it does … Continue reading

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This Is Somewhat Disquieting

Untitled document The Russian government, with no warning and quite publicly, just canceled long-standing plans to conduct joint military exercises with American forces. The exercises have been held in the past with no problems. Suddenly, the Russians are claiming that … Continue reading

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Walking The Walk

Untitled document In death, Steve Irwin proves that he was not just an entertainer, although he did that quite well. The Crocodile Hunter, who died Monday after being struck in the heart by a stingray's barbed tail, really walked the … Continue reading

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You Haven’t Really Been Smacked….

Untitled document …Until Ann Althouse smacks you. Not only is she a Constitutional Law professor, she is also a very, very sharp critic on much of pop culture. She has just provided a review of Katie Couric's debut as the … Continue reading

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Heir For The Japanese Throne

Untitled document Princess Kiko of Japan has given birth to a boy, heading off a budding constitutional crisis by providing a male heir. This has been a big item of concern in Japan for some time now. TOKYO – Japan's … Continue reading

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Romney Refuses To Provide Security For Khatami

Untitled document Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has refused to provide any state resources to handle security for former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami's weekend visit to Harvard. He calls the lecture nothing but propaganda and will not have anything to do with … Continue reading

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Increasingly Irrelevant

Untitled document The Miami Herald has a devastating critique of leftist loser Andrés Manuel López Obrador's strategic blunders in his blind lust to win the presidency of Mexico. It is extremely harsh and would appear to predict that AMLO has … Continue reading

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Mexican Court: Calderon Wins

Untitled document A draft report by the Mexican election court declares Felipe Calderon the president-elect of Mexico. The ruling will become official after the vote tallies are certified later today. MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Conservative ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon … Continue reading

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When Caught, Lie

Untitled document Apparently, that is the new (old) strategy for MoveOn.org. When the Anti-Defamation League catches them with profoundly anti-Semitic comments on their site and sends a letter objecting, they try to blame those evil conservatives. Perhaps a name change … Continue reading

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Major Oil Strike By Chevron?

Untitled document The extent of the find is not known yet, but the deepest offshore well ever drilled in the Gulf of Mexico has begun producing about 6,000 barrels of oil per day. NEW YORK (Reuters) – Three oil companies, … Continue reading

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Modern Conveniences

Untitled document Apparently, some folks on the Island of Crete were tired of waiting for modern conveniences to be installed in the local bank. So they made their own drive-through. With a stolen bulldozer. The four robbers used a stolen … Continue reading

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Magpie Mugging Menace

Untitled document Authorities in Australia are warning people to be on the lookout for marauding magpies menacing people out walking. Its just another sign of spring down under according to them. The fools. It is another sign of the animal … Continue reading

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Maybe Not The Best Strategy

Untitled document I don't think this is the best possible strategy for the Republicans to use in the run-up to the elections. There are reports that they are effectively planning to table any action on illegal immigration. The strategy is … Continue reading

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