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Actually A Good Point

Untitled document Jim Hoagland, in the Washington Post makes what is actually a good point about the Bush administrations recent stand on terrorism. They are not paying enough attention to our allies in this struggle. But if the sense of vulnerability has … Continue reading

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Untitled document From Think Progress: Over 50,000 ThinkProgress readers have written ABC in the last 48 hours about “The Path to 9/11.” We’re going to keep the pressure on ABC, but we’re also broadening our focus today to the Walt … Continue reading

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Armitage Admits He Was Source Of Leak

Untitled document Richard Armitage publicly admitted he was the source for the leak of Valeria Plame's name. He did so by accident and thought Plame's status was not a secret because he had learned it from a State Department memo. … Continue reading

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Enormous Miscalculation

Untitled document I am absolutely stunned at this. I think this may be the biggest miscalculation I have seen this election season. I mean this one is positively biblical. The Senate Democrats just threatened to go after ABC's broadcasting license … Continue reading

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Shuttle Launch Attempt Friday

Untitled document NASA is readying the shuttle Atlantis for another attempt on Friday morning. They are also negotiating with the Russians for a one day extension if needed (the launch window closes on Friday). They are not replacing a fuel … Continue reading

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Slow Goats Working

Untitled document The public works department for the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is a bit miffed. It seems someone put up some unauthorized signs. In an effort to control kudzu, the city had put some goats in an area infested … Continue reading

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Ask Yourself An Honest Question

Untitled document It appears that the ABC network will bow to pressure from former Clinton administration officials and edit the scene that gave them fits. I posted an earlier observation on the difference to the reaction to Fahrenheit 911 by … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera Shows Bin Laden Meeting 9/11 Hijackers

Untitled document Whoops, there goes at least one conspiracy theory. Al Jazeera has broadcast a previously unreleased videotape of Osama bin Laden meeting with some of the 9/11 hijackers. (Yes, I know that won't make a bit of difference to … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Bikini Contestant!

Untitled document Pakistan is opening an official inquiry into how a Pakistani-born woman living in the United States entered a bikini contest in China as "Miss Pakistan". The contestant was counterfeit, not the bikini. Confused yet? Houston-based Mariyah Moten, 22, … Continue reading

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It’s Okay To Question Their Patriotism

Untitled document Yup, in this case it is cut and dried. There is no doubt to any reasonable person. When they are stealing American flags from the graves of veterans, tearing them up and using them to make upholstery out … Continue reading

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NATO Commander Calls For Additional Troops

Untitled document The top NATO commander in Afghanistan is calling on member nations to commit additional troops to help fight an unexpectedly fierce Taliban offensive. General James Jones says this is not meant to signal that the mission is in … Continue reading

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The Romance Of Paris

Untitled document Ah, Paris in the spring. Walking hand-in-hand by the Seine. Then stepping in a big pile of dog doo. Well, that is a risk in Paris, but authorities say they are making progress in getting dog poo off … Continue reading

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News Most Fowl

Untitled document It seems to be trifecta day in fowl news. Item: It is generally not a good idea to shoot your wife's pet chicken. She might just shoot you in return. "We don't know if it was an accident … Continue reading

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Most Wanted

Untitled document Ralph "Bucky" Phillips has been added to the US Marshal's 15 most wanted fugitives list. The escaped convict is suspected of killing a New York State trooper and wounding two others as well as a string of burglaries … Continue reading

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Cole Case Files

Untitled document David White, writing  at the National Review Online has a bit of a scoop posted at the moment. While everyone, I suspect, has heard about Juan Cole's rejection by Yale and the wailing and gnashing of teeth that followed … Continue reading

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