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The Wages Of Hysterics

Untitled document If anything, the insane frenzy from the Democrats over the made for television "docudrama" The Path to 9/11 has reached a pitch I cannot remember ever having seen in American politics before. And it makes them look like … Continue reading

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Bucky Wimps Bigtime

Untitled document Ralph "Bucky" Phillips gave up without committing "suicide by cop" or without actually have to face up to New York State troopers who were not unsuspecting and ready to be ambushed. In other words, he wimped out of … Continue reading

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Major Jill Metzger Safe

Untitled document I read about this at Opfor but had not linked it until now do to a lot of other blogging activity. Major Jill Major disappeared in Kyrgyzstan three days ago while out on a shopping trip. She had … Continue reading

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Untitled document Shrinkwrapped has a rather scary analysis of what is going on right now, as exemplified by the unholy row the Democrats are raising over The Path to 9/11. This is  a classic case of projection with terrifying implications. … Continue reading

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Better Draft That Letter To NBC, Harry

Untitled document Harry Reid and his fellows better do a quick cut-and-paste and release a letter to NBC threatening their license. After all, they showed actual video from a predator drone that proves Clinton and Company missed an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Please Pass The Smelling Salts

Untitled document No! This is an alternate universe, that's the ticket! Brigham Young University has placed Steven Jones, 9/11 conspiracy theorist extraordinaire on paid leave while they investigate his involvement in the cult of nuts group called the "9/11 truth … Continue reading

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More On Counterfeit Bikini Contestants

Untitled document Well, the Daily Mail picked up the story I posted about yesterday about Mariyah Moten, the Pakistani-born American resident who appeared as Miss Pakistan in China. (It doesn't get any more clear telling it the second time.) Anyway, … Continue reading

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Untitled document Dread Pundit Bluto reports that Ralph "Bucky" Phillips has been cornered. There was a high-speed chase with shots exchanged and Phillips ran into some woods in Southern Chautuaqua County in New York State. The AP is reporting shots … Continue reading

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Had Enough?

Untitled document Sigmund, Carl and Alfred sure as heck has had enough. Tweet

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Timely Advice For Men – Round Two

Untitled document When trying to sneak away for a weekend away from your wife, it could be argued that faking your own disappearance at sea is not the smartest thing to do. Matthew Harvey, 35, was reported missing by his … Continue reading

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Some Timely Advice For Men

Untitled document Should you have occasion to take a drive down the highway, it would be best to leave your penis pump at home. Police said the 42-year-old man, driving an old Citroen in the Slovak town of Levice, had … Continue reading

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Shuttle Launch Postponed

Untitled document NASA has postponed the launch of Atlantis scheduled for today. A fuel sensor has begun acting up, as well as the other problem with a fuel cell. If the shuttle does not lauch by tomorrow, the window will … Continue reading

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Reuters Picks Up Story

Untitled document Reuters has picked up the story about the Democratic Senators demanding that ABC cancel The Path to 9/11. Since I have plenty of people trying to spin this in comments, let me point something out. This will not … Continue reading

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How To Win Friends….

Untitled document …And influence judges. A new self-help bestseller? No, just an object lesson on how not to do so. We here at Blue Crab Boulevard strongly recommend that when on trial for threatening a judge that one should avoid … Continue reading

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Nothing To Laugh At

Untitled document Judging by the email I get, one popular feature here at the Crabitat is the continuing "animal uprising" silliness that gets posted whenever there's something in the news worthy of mention. This particular animal story, however, is no … Continue reading

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