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“Obscure Conservative Blogs With Tiny Audiences”

Untitled document I reckon Patterico and Glenn Greenwald won't be sitting down to a nice cup of tea anytime soon. Patterico is calling Greenwald – hard – on Greenwald's latest post. Glenn Greenwald is spreading disinformation about “The Path to … Continue reading

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Untitled document The not-so-great escape of Ralph "Bucky" Phillips reached its ignominious end today in a courtroom where the career criminal was charged with eight offenses. Authorities have yet to charge him with the murder of a New York State … Continue reading

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Bad Book

Untitled document Not the good book. A Yemeni man was arrested after TSA officers found a knife "artfully" concealed inside a book. The man, who had bought a one way ticket to Yemen despite being a legal US resident living … Continue reading

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Showing Cards

Untitled document Mary Katherine Ham admits to having a bad week that challenged her optimism. Really, who can blame her? It has been a week where a lot of cards have been shown openly in the high-stakes political game that … Continue reading

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Canadian Death Sentence

Untitled document Canada, which has had quite a history of giving asylum to Jihadis, is apparently not inclined to give people who criticize Muslim extremism the same level of protection. Michael van der Galien tells of a co-bloggers fight not … Continue reading

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“We Didn’t Have To Know Anybody”

Untitled document The words of Renee Kelly of Marlboro, Md, who was asked if she knew anybody who had been a victim of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2006. She had tears streaming down her face. … Continue reading

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CBS To Show “9/11” On Web

Untitled document I've mentioned before the American Family Association's wrong-headed attempt to stop CBS from showing the documentary 9/11 due to its occasional harsh language. The film has been shown twice before on television with no problems. This time the … Continue reading

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The Greatest Virtual Generation

Untitled document The Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund has unveiled a new project to gather and make available the stories and memories of survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Called the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Project, the website includes photos, written … Continue reading

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More Belgian Waffles, Please

Untitled document That's apparently what Tehran ordered before beginning talks with the EU over it's weapons program. It also looks like they will be served a heaping plateful as Brussels' spine gives way. The EU appears to be signaling that … Continue reading

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Ned Lamont Gets Sucker-Punched

Untitled document By Ned Lamont! I read the reports of Ned Lamont attacking Joe Lieberman's criticism of Bill Clinton in a speech to the Senate in 1998. I didn't blog about at the time. I thought it was pretty cheesy, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think This Is An Accepted Technique

Untitled document At least not in any modern Christian churches. Praying for someone's repentance while holding that person at gunpoint is generally frowned upon. ATHENS, Ala. – A woman and two roommates are accused of holding her brother at gunpoint … Continue reading

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The Path To 9/11 To Air

Untitled document At least that is the word from the LA Times as of right now. The ABC website, which I have been keeping an eye on, is still running promos for the show as well. So all the sound … Continue reading

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Untitled document Atlantis successfully launched into orbit at 11:15 am EDT. After two frustrating weeks of delays, space shuttle Atlantis and its six astronauts blasted off Saturday on a mission to resume construction of the international space station for the … Continue reading

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Untitled document MSNBC helps provide more fuel to the 9/11 conspiracy fires by writing about a number of the people who are part of this particular mass psychosis. There is a form of madness sweeping this country that is fueled, … Continue reading

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Bunny Invasion!

Untitled document The bunnies are coming, the bunnies are coming! Never mind, they're already here. At least that's the case in St. Albans, Vermont. The town has a serious infestation of white bunnies. They are everywhere. All over the roads … Continue reading

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