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2,996 – Requiem For One Never Met

Untitled document (For Cynthia Giugliano) We never had the chance to meet. We lived far apart and traveled in different circles. I know you only through the words of others. Those heartfelt, hurt and longing words of those who did … Continue reading

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Khatami At Harvard

Untitled document The Boston Herald has an article about former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami's visit to Harvard. There were about 200 protesters outside the hall, and not too much serious grilling for him, although it appears some people did call … Continue reading

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Oh. My.

Untitled document I think there might just be a little bit of trouble in paradise right now. I was going to comment on this post by Glenn Reynolds about watching The Path to 9/11. Which is well worth the read. … Continue reading

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ABC Won’t Cave

Untitled document As of about twelve minutes from the scheduled start of The Path to 9/11, ABC is still running promos on their website. I suspect the show will go on now. The furious flailing on the left has probably … Continue reading

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Ground Zero

Untitled document President and Mrs. Laura Bush placed wreaths at the site of both World Trade Center Towers today. Please maintain a respectful silence for the victims of 9/11. Tweet

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“If We Pull Out Now It’s All For Naught”

Untitled document Rich Warner, a wounded veteran of the Iraq war describing why he is against voting for Ned Lamont. Rich Warner was respectful to U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont on Saturday at a picnic in Wallingford and patiently answered all … Continue reading

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Lectures On Tolerance By Thugs

Untitled document Gateway Pundit has the details on a planned peaceful protest of the "talk" at Harvard by former Iranian president Khatami. You know the one about tolerance. By the guy who violently suppressed student demonstrations for democracy. Yeah, that … Continue reading

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Dumb Strategy

Untitled document Sorry, folks, whoever came up with this particular strategic gem for the Democrats to follow is either crazy or an idiot. Or both. Rockefeller went a step further. He says the world would be better off today if the … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Dreams

Untitled document Michelle Malkin has a piece in the New York Post on the raging tinfoil hat brigade of 9/11 denialists who like to call their particular delusions "Truth". Essentially, it is a review of the essential book that effectively … Continue reading

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A Sunny Day In September

Untitled document On September 9th, 2001, I arrived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to attend a seminar at Lehigh University. The subject was improving coal power plant efficiency. I was there with two of the engineers who worked for me at the … Continue reading

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China Clamps Down On News Services

Untitled document The Chinese government has put new regulations into effect on the distribution of news within China. All of the wire services must go through Xinhua or Xinhua authorized entities. The new measures took effect immediately upon being issued … Continue reading

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The Greatest Movie Line Ever?

Untitled document My blog buddy from Thailand, Agam, just sent me a link to what he calls the greatest movie line ever. He noted all the coverage here about Baron Samedi and the zombies so he naturally thought of this … Continue reading

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Another Althouse Thumping

Untitled document I've read Ann Althouse's blog for a long time. When she delivers a thumping, it is direct, to the point and quite lethal. As is here take today on both The ruckus over The Path to 9/11 and … Continue reading

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They Act Like This Is A Good Thing

Untitled document The Associated Press has an article about the reemergence of lake sturgeon in the Great Lakes. They write about it in glowing terms and say scientists are encouraged by these developments. Sturgeon — prized for its caviar and … Continue reading

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Just Explain How

Untitled document One of the familiar talking points the Democrats are using right now is about how the administration has not caught Osama bin Laden. They love to invoke Tora Bora and the missed opportunity to kill him there. They … Continue reading

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