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Bin Laden Wins

Untitled document Richard Cohen, writing in the Washington Post,  informs us today that Osama bin Laden has won – big – in his attacks on America. From bin Laden's standpoint, this has been a glorious victory, made possible, it has … Continue reading

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Fear No Evil

Untitled document It is already past midnight on the East Coast as I write this. September 11th has become September 12th and the day of remembrance has come to a close. There is one last thought about the day I'd … Continue reading

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Untitled document I believe this sounds a bit familiar. Gee, I wonder why? Oh, it may be because I said pretty much the same thing several times, most recently today. ATLANTA — Riding a wave of discontent over the economy, … Continue reading

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A Novel Excuse

Untitled document The Raccoon ate my homework. I've heard some truly creative excuses for missing homework assignments over the years. I've even used a few back in the day. But this one kicks butt! A girl in Largo, Florida had … Continue reading

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Presidential Address

Untitled document Well, since I watched the ABC presentation of The Path to 9/11, perforce I also watched the address by President Bush. Objectively, I think he did a pretty good job on the speech. It was not political in … Continue reading

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Well, It Wasn’t Art

Untitled document I actually watched The Path to 9/11. Was it historically completely accurate? No. Was it a wonderful film? No, it was flawed in many ways. (Of course, it is very difficult to say what it would have been … Continue reading

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A Deviation From The Norm

Untitled document I'm usually careful about the language used on this blog, both from myself and from commenters. However, every once in a while there is simply nothing that will describe a given situation without the use of at least … Continue reading

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Malta, 9/11/1565

Untitled document From Lt Col P at Opfor: The fifth anniversary of September 11th 2001 is upon us. It is fitting that the day should see both a solemn remembrance of the dead and the renewal of a cold-hearted resolve … Continue reading

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A Roundup On 9/11

Untitled document From the left side of the blogosphere by James Joyner, who deserves an "above and beyond" citation for doing all the heavy lifting. Overall, left-leaning reaction is astonishingly negative and downright bitter. I will not even excerpt this, it kind … Continue reading

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Daley Vetoes Chicago Living Wage Law

Untitled document Chicago mayor Richard Daley wielded the first veto in his 17 year tenure as mayor against the anti-business (and frankly anti-Wal-Mart) "living wage" ordinance the city council passed in July. I'm guessing there was a lot of political maneuvering … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Pragmatism

Untitled document James Joyner comments about the situation in Rhode Island with the national Republican party supporting a Senator who is arguably the least reliable Republican in Congress, Lincoln Chaffey. Joyner notes the extraordinary announcement by the national party that … Continue reading

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Untitled document Even though the AP is spinning heck out of this particular news story, mentioning Republicans as often as possible, I think it indicates something different. They note that a lot of people are very unhappy with Congress and … Continue reading

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North Korea Supplying Hezbollah?

Untitled document Cypriot authorities have seized a cargo ship bound for Syria that was carrying truck-mounted air defense radar systems from North Korea. The action came after a tip from Interpol about suspected arms smuggling. The shipment was billed as … Continue reading

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US Proposes Regional Talks On North Korea

Untitled document The US government is trying to arrange a meeting of North Korea's neighbors and other regional powers in an attempt to put some pressure on Pyongyang to return to the six party talks they have refused to attend … Continue reading

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“A Saturnalia Of Murder And Destruction”

Untitled document Christopher Hitchens, writing in the Opinion Journal, describes what 9/11 means to him. He has some harsh words for the, as he calls them, "bored, cynical neutrals" who fail to understand the nature of the threat the world … Continue reading

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