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The Problem With Historical Analogy

Untitled document David Ignatius thinks we may be able to avoid a "long war" by not creating more extremists. While I would like to believe him, It's also a very dangerous proposition to reason by historical analogy. You may pick … Continue reading

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Chafee Wins In Rhode Island

Untitled document Republican Lincoln Chafee has won the primary in Rhode Island. His opponent, conservative Steve Laffey, has reportedly conceded. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Chafee had 34,042 votes, or 54 percent, to Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey's 29,431 votes, … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia Wars

Untitled document Interesting little discussion between Jimmy Wales, the creator of the Wikipedia and Dale Hoiberg, the editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia Britannica from the Opinion Journal. It was an email debate, if you will and I think it shows both … Continue reading

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The End Of The Road

Untitled document The UN is rapidly reaching the end of whatever usefulness it had in the world. In the concerted effort to undermine the United States, the UN, despite its general support for many thuggish regimes throughout the world, appears … Continue reading

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Untitled document An important, if exceedingly inconvenient, truth. Via Tim Blair. (Definitely worth all caps shout). Tweet

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On Enabling Behaviors And Useful Idiots

Untitled document Or: The trouble with asshats. Because of the lies, distortions, stupidity and vitriolic hatred that the 9/11 "truthers" are spreading worldwide, we as a nation are becoming less and less safe. As this mass psychosis spews its infectious … Continue reading

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False Advertising

Untitled document So this guy thinks he is going to be the next sensation in the music industry. Bigger than the Beatles and Elvis put together. He's a street performer in New York City who says he's making a comfortable … Continue reading

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Dems Accuse Bush Of Politicizing 9/11

Untitled document By politicizing 9/11. This is kind of ridiculous on the part of the Democrats. The usual suspects swoop to a microphone with the usual comments. Some people did not like his speech, I thought it was pretty good. … Continue reading

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James Bond Film Star To Be Stuffed!

Untitled document If Roger Moore knows what's good for him, he'll run like hell now that this precedent has been set! One of the biggest stars – literally – of the 1973 Bond film Live and Let Die (the first one Moore … Continue reading

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Dirty Tricks

Untitled document A recording of a private staff meeting of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was stolen and leaked to the press by his Democratic challenger's campaign. The incident, which caused Schwarzenegger to have to issue an apology to a California politician … Continue reading

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They Took Away Pluto’s Name!

Untitled document The International Astronomer's Union has assigned Pluto an asteroid number at the Minor Planet Center. It is no longer officially Pluto. It is now the Artist Formerly Known as Pluto, number 134340. On Sept. 7, the former 9th … Continue reading

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Ooo! Ooo! Can I Join, too?

Untitled document The editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics magazine, James Meigs, has a column in the New York Post today that simply debunks a few of the 9/11 conspiracies and shows what massive frauds these people really are. He stats the … Continue reading

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Space Construction Going Well

Untitled document The first spacewalk planned for this shuttle flight appears to have gone extremely well. The originally scheduled task of getting a new solar array up and running finished well ahead of schedule, so the two astronauts started work … Continue reading

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Good For Him

Untitled document Kevin Costner slammed the British made-for-television suff porn film Death of a President. Movie fans reportedly sat in stunned silence at the end of Range's screening, which featured doctored images of Bush getting shot, and Costner, who wasn't … Continue reading

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Revenge Killings Take A Strange Turn

Untitled document It appears that people in Eastern Australia have taken to killing stingrays. At least ten of them have been found killed and mutilated since the death of Steve Irwin in a bizarre accident involving a stingray. Some people … Continue reading

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