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Notice A Pattern?

Untitled document Probably the funniest evisceration of the Democrat's monumentally stupid campaign against Wal-Mart comes from George Will in the Washington Post. Since I am obviously on the record of thinking this is a really bad idea for the Dems, … Continue reading

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About Those Chickens Again

Untitled document This article from the Washington Post shows why it is always problematic to count chickens too soon in politics. Chafee won the primary in Rhode Island at least partly because of a massive voter turnout program. From the … Continue reading

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Thank You, Prime Minister Blair

Untitled document Despite his own political woes, despite everything else that is happening in the world, Tony Blair remains one of the most reliable allies this country has ever had. He came out today with a message that blasts European anti-Americanism as … Continue reading

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The Man Who Loves Dictators….

Untitled document …Endorses Ned Lamont. Isn't that special? Jimmy Carter, who never passes up a chance to cozy up to a dictator and endorse him, has come out four-square for Ned Lamont. NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Democrat Ned Lamont said … Continue reading

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Untitled document This is not a partisan attack. This is not based on any political beliefs whatsoever. This is based on the welfare of the troops. I would write this exact same thing regardless of what political parties were involved in … Continue reading

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A Huge Opportunity Missed Completely

Untitled document The Russian parliament has missed a golden opportunity of, quite literally, astronomical proportions. After introducing a measure into the Duma, the motion failed to carry, 42-252. Alexei Mitrofanov had brought the measure to a vote, asking the legislative … Continue reading

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Art Declared Legally Dead In France

Untitled document A French judge has ruled that art is officially dead in France. The ruling allows an eyesore that the village of Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or wanted razed to remain. Because the "Abode of Chaos" is, the judge says, art. Since 2001, … Continue reading

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Shooting Rampage In Canada

Untitled document A gunman walked into a crowded cafeteria at Dawson College in Montreal and opened fire. An unknown number of people were wounded before the shooter took his own life. Details are extremely sketchy at the moment with a … Continue reading

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Sorry, Guys. This Is A DUMB Rule

Untitled document If reports are true, an opportunity to hit a large group of Taliban was not taken. The reason? They were gathered in a cemetery for a funeral. The Rules of Engagement (ROE) forbid firing into a cemetery. WASHINGTON … Continue reading

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Reaching Out

Untitled document Jules Crittenden from the Boston Herald has an open letter to the folks on the left. Maybe he can reach a few people. You ask if I really think we have enemies who want to kill us. I … Continue reading

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Thin Air

Untitled document Reports are that Air America will declare bankruptcy. They have already begun laying off staffers (with no severance pay, thank you very much – so much for being strong supporters of workers everywhere). Best line in the linked … Continue reading

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Stop The Lies!

Untitled document The authorities in New Zealand continue to spread misinformation and untruths about the object that streaked through the sky and rattled houses in Christchurch on Tuesday. They continue to say it was just a meteor. The elaborate subterfuge … Continue reading

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New Game Show

Untitled document Jim over at bRight and Early is soliciting questions and answers for his new game show project he's developing for one of the major television networks. Please remember, your response must be in the form of a question. … Continue reading

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Flogging A Dead Zombie

Untitled document Baron Samedi has got to be rolling around on the floor, laughing so hard that he can't stand up. The Plame/Wilson Full Employment For Lawyers Program® has now decided to add Richard Armitage to the lawsuit they already … Continue reading

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On Chickens Counted Too Soon

Untitled document As a long time observer of politics in this country, one of the things I always find interesting is how quickly things can turn around. It can be something as simple as a mistake in how something is … Continue reading

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