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Republicanizing Politics

Untitled document EJ Dionne has been around a while which is why this particular column of his is so curious. He contends that the old Tip O'Neill adage, "All politics are local" is being tipped over this year. By Republicans … Continue reading

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Calculus Lesson

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer offers an exceedingly grim calculus lesson. It really requires serious contemplation. There are certain things which must be taken into consideration about Iran. We are running out of time to consider them before we are forced … Continue reading

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An Age Of Insanity

Untitled document We, as a civilization are standing upon dangerous ground. There are people here in the United States who are making a concerted effort to undermine our elected government by accusing them of the most horrible crime imaginable: mass … Continue reading

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House Approves Separate Border Fence Bill

Untitled document The House passed a completely new and completely separate border fencing bill today, by a wider margin than the original border bill they passed made it through with. The bill would authorize 700 miles of double link fence. … Continue reading

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McCain Is Wrong Here – Again

Untitled document After the circus today, I promise that I will not – ever – vote for John McCain for president. I further promise that I will do every, single thing I can possibly do to help get him defeated. I … Continue reading

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Swords Into Plowshares

Untitled document Or, more precisely, guns into guitars. A Colombian craftsman has been turning old guns into guitars for several years. He sees it as a way to turn negative energy into positive energy. One of Colombia's top musical instrument … Continue reading

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Poisoning Pigeons In The Part – Part Deux

Untitled document Texarkana, Texas was the scene of the latest pigeon dive bomber attacks. The last time we wrote about the animal uprising air force pigeon patrol (or squab-ron) was back when they attacked a hospital in Schenectady, New York. … Continue reading

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Porcine Berserker

Untitled document The term berserker comes from Old Norse berserkr (plural berserkir), meaning "bare of shirt", meaning a warrior fighting without armor, or "bear shirt", alluding to wearing clothing made of bear fur. Some berserks also took names with björn … Continue reading

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Mexico Arrests Dog

Untitled document Reality television star Duane "Dog" Chapman has been arrested by US Marshals on a Mexican warrant. Apparently the charges stem from Chapman's capture of Max Factor heir and serial rapist Andrew Luster three years ago. Mexican authorities say … Continue reading

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Wearing Thin

Untitled document Well, it has been all over the news lately about Spain's plan to ban fashion models that are deemed "too thin". Afraid that too thin models will send the wrong message to women and girls, bureaucrats will enforce height to … Continue reading

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Something Stinks About This Deal

Untitled document It's kind of a given that if somebody offers to sell you goods out of the back of a car or something that "fell off a truck" that the merchandise is actually stolen. So if you got a … Continue reading

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Lebanon Says It Will Disarm Hezbollah

Untitled document Sort of. If the terrorists show their weapons, Lebanon says they will be seized. But Lebanese forces will not hunt for the weapons, either. Hezbollah, meanwhile, is bragging that it has fighters in towns and villages throughout the … Continue reading

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Byron York Points Out The Obvious

Untitled document Byron York points out, quite correctly, that there is literally nothing whatsoever that the President could have done that would not bring criticism from Democrats in an election year. Nature of the beast and all that.  Ask yourself … Continue reading

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Pretty Small Revolution

Untitled document I noticed today that Segway has issued a product recall for its "revolutionary" product that was going to "change the world", if I recall the vast hype correctly. How many of the "Personal Transporters" are included in the … Continue reading

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Montreal Shooter Identified

Untitled document The gunman who opened fire at Dawson College in Montreal yesterday has been identified as 25 year old Kimveer Gill. The report on him here makes it seem that he was a disturbed psycho more than anything else. … Continue reading

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