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Genetic Modification And Art

Untitled document Bjoern Noerregaard has taken it upon himself to "genetically alter" the world famous statue of The Little Mermaid that has graced Copenhagen for many years. The new statue is placed not far from the wistful statue that is … Continue reading

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New Jersey Dems Planning A ‘Lautenberg’?

Untitled document With New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez suddenly sliding in the polls due to revelations that he is under Federal investigation, speculation has been running high that the New Jersey Democrats may actually try to pull off another 'Lautenberg' … Continue reading

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Untitled document Wretchard from the Belmont Club remembers Oriana Fallaci. The darkness came and yet the darkness claimed her not. Tweet

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In Which We Discuss The Proper Uses Of Hedgehogs

Untitled document Hedgehogs are ONLY to be used for playing croquet and ONLY when using a flamingo for a mallet. Have these people never read Lewis Carroll? Have they never seen Disney? Well, ok, it is Serbia, so maybe they … Continue reading

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Cry Me A River

Untitled document The Associated Press gives us what is presumed to be a story that will jerk at our heartstrings about a small town in Georgia that is suffering from a "massive" crackdown on illegal immigration. The problem is that, … Continue reading

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WHO Approves DDT For Mosquito Control

Untitled document The World Health Organization has approved the indoor residual spraying of the long banned pesticide DDT in an effort to avert one million deaths each year from malaria. This is, I think, long, long overdue. "One of the … Continue reading

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A Brand New Star

Untitled document With the opening of the massive new solar panels on the International Space Station, observers on earth should be able to see it quite clearly at night. It may, in fact be as bright as Venus, currently the … Continue reading

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Wandering Aimlessly

Untitled document Dana Milbank, writing in the Washington Post, explains the latest new, new, really super new, yup it's new direction the Democrats have wandered off in this time. I've long since lost count of the newest of new directions, … Continue reading

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Where’s Fidel? Chapter 9,053

Untitled document The game the Cubans are playing of "will he or won't he?" continues unabated. Raul Castro showed up to assume the leadership of the Non Aligned Movement, but Cuban authorities still won't rule out Fidel appearing at the … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Debate

Untitled document Popular Mechanics has an interesting little debate between Patrick Moore, environmental apostate, and Anna Aurilio, US PIRG luddite. Why those terms? Moore is a founder of Greenpeace who is now vocally in favor of nuclear power. Aurilio represents … Continue reading

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Bush Goes On Offense

Untitled document President Bush went on the offensive today demanding that Congress act to clarify the proper means of interrogation and rules of evidence used in the war on terror. He said that the ball is in their court. He … Continue reading

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Another Major Interview

Untitled document For The Real Ugly American. This time he interviews Dr. David Perlmutter, a Professor and the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research at William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas. … Continue reading

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Tales Of The Were-Goat

Untitled document Here's a novel defense: kill your brother with an ax, then claim you had actually killed a goat. When the goat died, it transformed into the body of your brother. The man, whose name wasn't released, offered police … Continue reading

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I Just Doesn’t Sound Right

Untitled document Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette puff puff puff and if you smoke yourself to death Tell St Peter at the Golden Gate that you hate to make him wait But you just gotta have another cigarette (Merle Travis/Tex … Continue reading

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Untitled document Jed Babbin has a piece up at Real Clear Politics that is rather interesting. He asks if there may be a building momentum for Republicans despite all the cheerleading from the press for the Democrats. I've noted a … Continue reading

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