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Robbing The Dead

Untitled document Most people would think pretty badly of someone who robbed the dead of the things they had in their possession when they died, Society becomes outraged when an ambulance attendant steals a wallet or rings from a dead … Continue reading

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An Odd Post For Me

Untitled document Here's a post I really can not believe I would ever write, given my upbringing. My Mother's parents, I have mentioned before, came here to the US after the First World War from Norway. They were, obviously, Lutheran, … Continue reading

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Crystal Ball Department

Untitled document The lights are dimmed, the candles flicker. Let us all join hands while our mystic sage looks deep into the recesses of the crystal ball. (Cue sinister music). Come to us, oh all-seeing spirits. Hear our pleas for … Continue reading

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Things To Think About

Untitled document Ross Kaminsky at the RCP Blog wrote this yesterday, I just caught it. It is well worth a read. It is a discussion about why the group of Senators led by John McCain have it exactly wrong in … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Down In Mexico

Untitled document The supporters of uber-loser Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador have declared a "parallel government" with AMLO as the head of state. They have declared that the president-elect of Mexico, Felipe Calderon is not really the winner and refuse to recognize … Continue reading

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British Muslims Threaten War

Untitled document The words have been spoken, not by some radical Islamist cleric in Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Egypt. No they come from a Arabic language newspaper in Great Britain. The most extreme opinion was voiced by Hani Pahas … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Castles

Untitled document Rows and floes of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air And feather canyons evrywhere Ive looked at clouds that way But now they only block the sun They rain and snow on evryone So many … Continue reading

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Payback Will Be A Bitch

Untitled document The Anchoress has a history lesson. Remember 1981? It would be a good idea to either do so if you lived through those years or to look up the history if you didn't. Tweet

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The Last Fashion Show

Untitled document It's quite possible that Madrid, in its excessive zeal to protect the self-image of women and girls (their excuse) may end up killing the golden goose of the major fashion show that is the biggest event of that … Continue reading

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Untitled document That is the only word for this post from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Tweet

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What Guantanamo Isn’t

Untitled document It is not at all what the media have succeeded in painting it to be. Nor are the people being held there at all what the press informs us they are. James Taranto has an extensive talk with … Continue reading

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On Irresponsible Journalists

Untitled document It is not enough that the media has helped stir the pot over remarks made by Pope Benedict XVI. It is not enough that they are amplifying the Muslim anger and rage. Now the Associated Press makes sure … Continue reading

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Seals Invade North Carolina

Untitled document When are people going to wake up to the threat of the animal uprising? They keep shrugging off the warnings we give them and keep looking at us like we're crazy or something. Or they keep hanging up … Continue reading

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The Lonely Voice

Untitled document Despite the constant criticism, despite the hate sent his way on a daily basis, despite the monstrous accusations, despite the interpretation of every move he makes in the most malevolent way possible, George W. Bush continues to try … Continue reading

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More Bombings In Thailand

Untitled document Three bombs went off simultaneously in Southern Thailand, killing four people and wounding dozens. The bombs went off inside two department stores and at a hotel in the city of Hat Yai, the largest city in Southern Thailand … Continue reading

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