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Problems In Hungary

Untitled document A frequent commenter here is Roland, who hails from Hungary. I'll be interested in his take on what is going on over there right now. Because the press is not being helpful. There has apparently been a major … Continue reading

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World’s Smallest Violin Department

Untitled document The world's smallest violin playing a rousing rendition of Hearts and Flowers. Can you hear me now? No? Good. CAIR held a press conference to trumpet the "surge" in anti-Muslim incidents in the past reporting year here in the US. … Continue reading

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The REAL Secret Interrogation Techniques

Untitled document Bah. As usual, the Guardian has it all wrong. They trumpet that they have found out the super-duper, tippity-top secret interrogation techniques that John McCain chose to block (by way of saying "ta-ta" to his presidential ambitions, incidentally). … Continue reading

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Did Chavez Make A Mistake?

Untitled document At least some analysts think Hugo Chavez may have hurt his country's chances at a seat on the UN Security Council with his aggressive defense of Iran's nuclear ambitions at the Non-Aligned Movement meeting. One can but hope. … Continue reading

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Senate Will Consider Border Fencing Bill

Untitled document Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist pulled a maneuver that will force the Senate version of the just passed House border fence only bill to the floor. The howls are already beginning. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., used … Continue reading

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He Should Not Have To Give This Warning

Untitled document And he would not have to give a warning like this if people like John Murtha were not so intent on partisan political gain. In order to counter the irresponsible statements of Murtha, General John Abizaid warned today that … Continue reading

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Muslim Charity Raided By FBI

Untitled document Federal agents served warrants and raided the offices of a Muslim charity in Detroit today. Records were seized and removed by anti-terrorism task force members at the Life for Relief and Development offices in the Detroit suburb of … Continue reading

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The Hawk From Ipanema

Untitled document Residents of Rio de Janeiro are strongly advised to get a copy of the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds. Or better yet, read the original short story by Daphne du Maurier. Just to help put the hawk attacks … Continue reading

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If You Want To Be Arrested, Press “1”

Untitled document An Italian thief who dropped his cell phone while mugging an elderly woman ended up turning himself in to police. The thief called his own phone and arranged with the "finder" to meet and retrieve it. Unfortunately, the "finder" … Continue reading

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Health Warning Update

Untitled document The FDA is advising that consumers eat NO raw spinach whatsoever. I mentioned this in comments back on the original post on this subject, but it seemed important enough to make a new post on as well. The … Continue reading

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“Work With Me Here”

Untitled document Donald Sensing, being a minister by trade, has an excellent perspective on many things having to do with religion in general. Today is no exception. He rounds up a lot of links and information about the whole enormous … Continue reading

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Dancing Out Of Depression

Untitled document In the world of science, it is a source of endless amusement to see what in the world they will come up with next as a way to spend money on frivolous studies. So it is with the … Continue reading

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Japanese To Slap Sanctions On North Korea

Untitled document Saying openly that dialog alone will not work, Japan is set to slap a new group of economic sanctions on North Korea. Besides the missile program that North Korea continues to provoke Japan and others with, there is … Continue reading

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Losing The Ability To Discriminate

Untitled document A very sharp commentary from the Telegraph on the uproar over remarks made by Pope Benedict XVI. Comparing reactions to two incidents, the Pope's remarks and a playful slap by Tony Blair's wife, Cherie, on a laughing teenager, … Continue reading

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Are The Voices In My Head Bothering You?

Untitled document Dutch researchers have been surprised to find that hearing voices, or auditory hallucinations, are not the sole property of schizophrenics, people with bipolar disease or depressives. People who are, by all appearances, perfectly happy and well adjusted hear … Continue reading

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