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“Lives Of Noisy And Ostentatious Desperation”

Untitled document Robert Samuelson on the explosion of what he terms the ExhibitioNet. The internet as exhibitionist heaven. Blogs, Myspace, Facebook and YouTube. All ways for people to flaunt themselves and whatever they want to reveal about themselves (and more) … Continue reading

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This Is Amusing

Untitled document I was thinking a bit about some developments today, like the jump in Bush's poll numbers (which I don't really think are all that important, as I explained earlier). But that brought to mind some earlier posts I … Continue reading

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A Defense And A Warning

Untitled document The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton, has come out with a speech strongly supporting Pope Benedict XVI over the ruckus that remarks the Pope made in a speech in Germany. There is also a bizarre … Continue reading

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Ahmadinejad Lies Like A (Persian) Rug To UN

Untitled document Iranian president and whack-job-in-chief Stood up in front of the entire UN today and flat out lied his butt off to the assembly. Even the UN cannot possibly be this freaking stupid. The IAEA has reported that Iran … Continue reading

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Just A Better Class Of Criminal

Untitled document Wow, who knew the the state of New Hampshire has such high-class criminals? I mean in most places, when some robber knocks over a store, they're a fairly scruffy lot. Not in Brentwood, New Hampshire, though. Nope. Up … Continue reading

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A Report From Thailand

Untitled document I have heard from my blog buddy Agam in Thailand; he is safe. There has been no violence at all so far.He has just posted about the events over there. t may be too early to know whether … Continue reading

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We Continue Lending A Hand

Untitled document We have been bringing you incredibly detailed information on things you really, really need to know about ever since we opened the Crabitat. And we do try hard to keep everyone updated on developments. So it is that … Continue reading

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Coyotes Get Fast Food

Untitled document Or rather, not fast enough food. A woman walking across a parking lot toward a McDonald's restaurant at a rest stop on I-95 was bitten by a coyote. The animal sneaked up behind her and bit her on the … Continue reading

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Shuttle Landing Postponed

Untitled document After some sort of unidentified object was seen floating away from the shuttle. NASA engineers are not sure what the object was, or even how big it was. Space agency officials wanted extra time to establish whether the … Continue reading

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Bush Addresses The UN

Untitled document President Bush spoke to the UN today. The Washington Post has a transcript of the full address. It is frankly very well done. I'd recommend reading the whole thing. A couple of things that stood out for me: … Continue reading

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South Africa Tries Appeasement

Untitled document In an effort to appease the master plotters of the animal uprising, the penguins, South Africa is trying to bribe them by building the world's first penguin condo development. What's next? A mall? JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South African … Continue reading

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Well, Thanks For Proving The Point

Untitled document The eldest son of Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi has called on the Pope to convert to Islam. Uh, sure. Tripoli – The elder son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has called on Pope Benedict XVI to convert to … Continue reading

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Military Coup In Thailand

Untitled document Breaking. There appears to be a military coup underway in Thailand. BANGKOK, Thailand – The Thai military launched a coup against Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Tuesday, circling his offices with tanks, seizing control of television stations and … Continue reading

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Reliably Wrong

Untitled document One thing you can absolutely depend on in this world is that Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson will get it exactly wrong whenever he writes one of his screeds about the Bush administration. His obvious personal contempt drips out of … Continue reading

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Polls Again

Untitled document I've been on the record for quite some time as not being a big fan of polls in general. Mostly, they are interesting only in the aggregate to track changes over a period of time. So I don't … Continue reading

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