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A Sanctimonious Shift Of Blame

Untitled document Probably one of my least favorite columnists at the Washington Post is Eugene Robinson. Which is why he gets an enormous amount of pixels (since the internet doesn't do ink) on my blog. He is reliably vitriolic against … Continue reading

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Tolerance Goes Both Ways

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer sums up the latest "Muslim Rage" rather well: Religious fanatics, regardless of what name they give their jealous god, invariably have one thing in common: no sense of humor. Particularly about themselves. It's hard to imagine … Continue reading

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Ahmadinejad and Chavez Get A New Court Jester

Untitled document Mad Mahmoud and Mini Me Hugo are very proud to announce their newest subject! He's a one time US presidential hopeful, who lies about his combat experience! He's Big! He's Bad! He's TOM HARKIN, newly appointed apologist and … Continue reading

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Is There An Echo In Here?

Untitled document Here's a little item that indicates – quite clearly, I think – that Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is very, very, very conversant with certain leftist talking points that have been in play for a while now. He says that … Continue reading

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And Yea, Verily, The Pigs Shall Sprout Wings

Untitled document And fly like the wind. Oh, don't get me wrong, I would freaking love it if this pans out. But given the long history of saying one thing and then seizing any opportunity to fail to seize an … Continue reading

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Here’s A Theory

Untitled document I'm looking at some reactions to Hugo Chavez and his vitriolic personal attacks on President Bush. I'd noted Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel had both come out rather strongly against Chavez and his antics. Which is kind of … Continue reading

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Nicely Dodged

Untitled document I was pretty upset when I read this article. Columbia University had issued an invitation to Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak. The invitation was extended by Lisa Anderson, dean of the School of International and Public Affairs. Columbia's … Continue reading

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Here We Go ‘Round The Blueberry Bush

Untitled document British Columbia, Canada: home to some overachieving thieves. Most dishonest people would steal some blueberries. Not these guys. They took the entire blueberry patch. Every single bush. 20,000 of them, overnight. OTTAWA (AFP) – Thieves in Canada's westernmost province … Continue reading

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Not Ready For Prime Time

Untitled document Hugo Chavez continues to show that he is a sad little man. Today he wandered around Harlem calling President Bush an "alcoholic" and a "sick man". Speaking while walking in a Harlem street, Chavez told a group of … Continue reading

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Rumors Swirling

Untitled document The Associated Press is reporting that it looks likely that some sort of deal is about to be reached in the standoff over terror legislation. No details of any sort are leaking out yet, but a White House … Continue reading

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Moonbats In Massachusetts? Who Knew?

Untitled document Margery Eagan from the Boston Herald has identified a moonbat swarm in, of all places, Massachusetts. Who'd a thunk it. Kerry Healey fans say The Moonbats form the soul of Deval Patrick’s campaign.   What’s a moonbat?   … Continue reading

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The Face On Mars

Untitled document And other conspiracy theories. The European Space Agency has taken super high resolution photographs of the odd terrain feature on Mars that resembles a face. The "face" dates all the way back to pictures NASA released back in … Continue reading

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Well, If The Rides Don’t Make You Sick

Untitled document The way to cut in line might. If you eat a live Madagascar hissing cockroach Six Flags Great America theme park will give you a pass that grants you automatic go to the head of the waiting line … Continue reading

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Crossing The Line

Untitled document The New York Times reaches yet another low. This time, I suspect that they may well have crossed a line as well. This editorial might just be actionable for libel – some smart lawyers should be looking real … Continue reading

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Filthy, Evil, Inhuman MONSTERS

Untitled document The Democrats must immediately go on the attack against the biggest threat to Western civilization in the history of the world. They must immediately begin holding rallies and protests against the filthy, evil, inhuman monsters we all know … Continue reading

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