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The Avoidance Of Any Responsibility

Untitled document The Ace is positively livid over an interview that Bill Clinton has given to Fox News Sunday that will air on Sunday. Frankly, I can see why he is so angry when you look at the snippet of video … Continue reading

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A Goodbye For An Icon

Untitled document I had to link to this for all the members of the armed forces for whom this particular piece of American engineering is an icon. The US Navy has officially retired the F-14 Tomcat fighter. It never had to do … Continue reading

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Gator Bait

Untitled document We continue to try to warn people about the animal uprising in spite of the funny looks and the recent visit by the nice man from the county health service inquiring about our mental capacity. And again today, we have a … Continue reading

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Do You Know What This Means?

Untitled document It means the animal uprising is developing a powerful new weapon. One that could have far-reaching and devastating consequences. The four-legged attack chicken! Farm-owner Mike Brendle was amazed by the discovery among his standard two-legged, egg-laying hens. "It's … Continue reading

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Punch And Judy It Ain’t

Untitled document Welcome to the new floor show at the UN cafe! Presenting Mad Mahmoud and his pals! Tweet

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Pope Calls Meeting With Muslims

Untitled document Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he will hold a meeting with representatives of various Muslim countries and Muslim groups. Representatives of Turkey and Iran as well as Italian Muslim organizations have already announced that they will attend … Continue reading

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Untitled document Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the dark days of the American Civil War. Woodrow Wilson Outlawed criticism of the government during the First World War. Franklin Roosevelt had Japanese Americans interned during the Second World War as … Continue reading

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No Joy In Mudville

Untitled document The Real Clear Politics Blog has an interesting take on the compromise reached by the White House and the hold-out Senators led by John McCain. This may, John McIntyre says, have painted the Democrats into a real corner. … Continue reading

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Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Not Disarm

Untitled document The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has publicly stated today that not only will Hezbollah not disarm, but that the Lebanese government is weak and ineffective. So much for obeying the ceasefire resolution. BEIRUT, Lebanon – Hezbollah leader … Continue reading

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That Doesn’t Mean It’s Legal In The Real World

Untitled document That would be my answer to John R. Koza's statement about his plan to try an end run around the United States Constitution with a plan to go around the Electoral College. He said: "When people complain that … Continue reading

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Lethal Sea Lions!

Untitled document For a moment we thought our warnings about the animal uprising had finally begun to penetrate the thick heads of the bureaucrats. The headline to the article reads: "States seek lethal sea lion removal". We thought that they … Continue reading

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Ghosts Alive!

Untitled document Well, actually, by definition, ghosts are dead. But nonetheless, they are big business in the city of Norwich, England. The city, by all reports, is positively knee deep in the supernatural manifestations. They claim there is even an … Continue reading

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New, Foolproof Anti-Burglary Tool!

Untitled document A dental researcher has unwittingly discovered the perfect, foolproof tool to rid your home of pesky burglars before they can steal anything! It is devastatingly effective at repelling thieves! Severed human heads! A dentist had stored the mummified … Continue reading

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Spend Your Money Elsewhere

Untitled document Ed Morrisey points out that Citgo is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Venezuelan oil industry. Money spent there goes directly to the pocket of Hugo "Mini Me" Chavez. I have no desire to fund the antics of … Continue reading

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Put Out An APB!

Untitled document New Zealand in the news again! Thieves have reached a new low there. Three masked men armed with a hammer  and chisel whacked off the tallywhacker of a tiki that guarded the entrance to the public library in the … Continue reading

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