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Saudis: No Ding Dong Moment

Untitled document The Saudis are now categorically denying that there is any truth to the reports that Osama has has kicked the bucket. They say they have no evidence he is dead and that all press reports are completely speculative. … Continue reading

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Train Wreck

Untitled document I have been warning about the drift to the left that the Democrats have been engaging in for a while now. The rush to embrace the fringe of the party is politically dangerous for the two-party system. For … Continue reading

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A Mad World

Untitled document Niall Ferguson, the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University, has a very interesting opinion piece in the Telegraph that is seriously worth taking a moment to read. There is a mammoth disconnect in risk assessment … Continue reading

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Another History Lesson

Untitled document Andrew Roberts writes in the Telegraph a brief account of the English-speaking peoples since 1900. He has written a book that is meant to update the four volume history of the same subject written by Winston Churchill. Roberts … Continue reading

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Another Reason For Leprechauns To Hide

Untitled document Like the poor little guys don't have enough to worry about what with people trying to catch them so they'll reveal where they hid their gold. Or, in some cases, because they're always after the leprechaun's lucky charms. … Continue reading

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Red-Faced And Angry

Untitled document That's how Ann Althouse describes Bill Clinton's appearance in the section of interview with Fox News Sunday which has already aired. She also has an update where Chris Wallace appears to have been completely taken aback by Clinton's … Continue reading

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Grand Prix Du Cambodge

Untitled document Formula One racing, Cambodian style. Gentlemen! Start your water buffaloes. Each year, millions of Cambodians visit Buddhist temples across the country to honor deceased loved ones during a 15-day period commonly known as the Festival of the Dead. … Continue reading

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Osama In Typhoidland

Untitled document Tweet

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The Real Enemy

Untitled document Colbert King, writing in the Washington Post, has a sharp rebuke for both political parties during this election year. As he points out, both parties should be working together to defeat the real enemy, the terrorists. They should … Continue reading

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One Too Many Tokes, Dude

Untitled document The problem with long-term marijuana usage appears to be that it makes you really, really stupid. Stupid enough to carry your freshly harvested crop in your arms right past the County Sheriff's office. In broad daylight. Polk County … Continue reading

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A Destination Waiting For A Means To Get There

Untitled document Or, you can't get there from here. Robert Bigelow, head of private space venture Bigelow Aerospace is aiming to have a human-habitable space station in low earth orbit by late 2009 or early 2010. The one tiny problem … Continue reading

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Some Things Are Constants

Untitled document One thing that is completely and utterly predictable in this world is that the Palestinians will never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Today, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas announced that negotiations with Hamas to form a unity … Continue reading

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He Really Should Have Watched The Movie

Untitled document Here's an important life lesson for all you would be bank robbers out there. Wearing a Ronald Reagan mask to perform your bank holdup is bad enough, but never, ever wear a cape. SAN DIEGO – A man … Continue reading

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Australia Blocks Crocodile Feeding Program

Untitled document The Australian Environment Minister, Ian Campbell, has blocked a controversial crocodile feeding program. The plan, heartily endorsed by crocodiles, would have allowed rank amateurs to join the annual crocodile culling program, effectively providing the crocs with a steady supply … Continue reading

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North Korea Stockpiles Plutonium

Untitled document The North Koreans plan to unload the fuel from the Yongbyon reactor to extract plutonium within the next three months. This could give them enough plutonium for three to six nuclear weapons. During a meeting this past week … Continue reading

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