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First Outright Lie Caught

Untitled document Patterico found it, of course. (I really, really would not go up against him in court.) Clinton's Fox News Sunday appearance that is generating so damn many spilled pixels and barrels of ink included a number of interesting things. … Continue reading

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Frist Forges Ahead On Immigration Bill

Untitled document Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is pushing to get the "fence only" immigration bill to a floor vote despite the indications that the Democrats may try to kill it. The bill is all that is left of a … Continue reading

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This Space For Rent – Cheap

Untitled document A cheap way to send something into space – at least into near space. If all goes as planned, a privately funded rocket will launch a payload into space tomorrow from New Mexico. UP Aerospace is planning the … Continue reading

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Untitled document This is not a teaching plan or an educational program. This is indoctrination. Dan Riehl is all over it. Activity Title: Tolerance, Unity, and Diversity Discuss how, as a result of the events of 9-11, some people had … Continue reading

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Bad Housekeeping Seals

Untitled document Despite all the questioning we have been getting lately from the authorities, we continue to try to bring you the real story on the animal uprising. So it is that today we revisit the subject of seal invasions. … Continue reading

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Playing Politics

Untitled document This report makes me believe that the leaked National Intelligence Estimate that is all the rage in the media and in the blogosphere has a hell of a lot more to do with rogue elements in the intelligence … Continue reading

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Red Sunset Maples And Zombie Squirrels

Untitled document My wife informed me that we were going to plant some trees in the front of the house. The trees would, eventually at least, provide some shade. Now, it's important to keep in mind that I don't get anything like … Continue reading

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Clinton Interview Video

Untitled document Greg Tinti has the entire video posted over at The Political Pit Bull. He also notes this from Sister Toldjah: You know what burns me up about the interview? Not the fact that Clinton gets uptight and defensive, … Continue reading

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What Do The Letters ‘AP’ Stand For?

Untitled document Jules Crittenden wonders if they stand for Associated Press any longer, or something completely different. The AP has had one or two exemplary war correspondents in Iraq. But this strange war has changed so many things. In late … Continue reading

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The Problem With Clowns

Untitled document The Washington Post points out some things that are really worth remembering about Hugo Chavez and his clownish antics. The reality is that he is running Venezuela into the ground and doing serious long term damage to that … Continue reading

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So What Do We Do, Then?

Untitled document There are multiple reports in the major media about a leaked National Intelligence Estimate. All are based off anonymous sources, talking about the document. The document itself is not available, nor it is possible to judge the motivations … Continue reading

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Holy Smoke. WaPo On Clinton

Untitled document The Washington Post has an article about Bill Clinton's appearance on Fox News Sunday which will air today. Let's put it this way, Clinton looks very, very bad indeed here. The Post did not try to spin this in … Continue reading

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In Memory Of Sgt. Paul R. Smith

Untitled document Freedom Dogs has organized a blog burst to honor Sgt. Paul R. Smith who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions near Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad, Iraq on 4 April 2003. The citation for the … Continue reading

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From His Own Mouth

Untitled document Lally Weymouth interviewed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the Washington Post. If you want to get a feeling for where the world is heading if we do not get our collective act together, you need to read this. There are … Continue reading

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Yeah, Me Too.

Untitled document I didn't post anything about this when I saw the original item because a) I think Gary Hart is nuts and b) I don't think Karl Rove and George Bush are nuts. Joe Gandelman has put together a … Continue reading

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