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The Problem With Riding A Tiger

Untitled document In relative terms, riding a tiger is merely a matter of hanging on. The trick is in getting off, of course. It would be reasonable to expect that said tiger would be more than a bit indignant at … Continue reading

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A Chain Of Events

Untitled document The Anchoress puts together what looks increasingly like a massive miscalculation on the part of the leakers of the National Intelligence Estimate and the Democrats who tried to use the highly misleading cherry-picked part that came out initially as a … Continue reading

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How Can You Be A Squatter….

Untitled document …If you have no legs? Easy! Get several thousands of your equally legless buddies to come help out and take over the whole ranch! That's what a slithering horde of criminally inclined snakes did to a couple in … Continue reading

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This Is A Pretty Sad Commentary

Untitled document A portion of the National Intelligence Estimate has been released. I'm looking at the Associated Press and Reuters stories side-by-side. And Reuters has a better representation of the document while the AP article is an editorial that stresses … Continue reading

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More Imaginary Woodpecker Sightings!

Untitled document Well, except they can't actually produce a photo of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker. They keep trying, though. This time they swear they have seen the bird, long thought extinct as many as 40 times. But oddly, nobody could … Continue reading

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“Should We Wait For Them To Come And Kill Us Again”?

Untitled document The words of Afghan President Karzai responding to a reporters question. AllahPundit has the video. He is articulate, forceful and undeniably correct. He smacked this reporter down so hard that the video is a joy to watch. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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A Shameful Strategy

Untitled document Well, the Democrats are pretty open about what some of them are going to try to do to force the US to cut and run out of Iraq. Cut off funds for the war. If they win control … Continue reading

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Echoes Upon Echoes

Untitled document The rhetorical echoes continue. After all, Hugo Chavez got lots of press over his remarks at the UN. So why not repeat his words? If they're good enough for Chavez, they're good enough for the deranged dwarf that … Continue reading

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Agam Hits The Big Time

Untitled document My blogging friend from Thailand, Agam, has just had one of his pieces about the recent coup in Thailand published over at The Guardian's opinion site. Congratulations, Agam! (He's even got a bio page.) Tweet

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Hopeful Blasts Arizona “9/11 Memorial”

Untitled document Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate Len Munsil blasted the "tribute to moral relativism" that supposedly honors 9/11. In the usual double-speak that is becoming all too common, Arizona's Democratic Governor, Janet Napolitano accused Munsil of "politicizing 9/11". (That being … Continue reading

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White House Considers Releasing NIE

Untitled document The White House is seriously considering the release of the National Intelligence Estimate, portions of which have been leaked for partisan political purposes. Releasing the document would show, presumably, that the information leaked to partisans is fragmentary and … Continue reading

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Absolute, Irrefutable Proof That God Exists

Untitled document If this actually happens, that is: rumors are beginning to be circulated that George Clooney may run for president. Clooney denies them – in phrasing that sounds exactly like a politician keeping his options open. The actor-director skillfully … Continue reading

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That Didn’t Quite Work Out

Untitled document Although the Democrats that held their "hearing" yesterday are spinning mightily, the retired generals they got to speak did not exactly perform as they wished. The Dems got their denunciations of Rumsfeld, but they also got told that … Continue reading

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Billy Gets His Stripes Back

Untitled document We brought you the story of lance corporal William "Billy" Windsor of the 1st battalion of the Royal Welsh Regiment and his fall from grace back in June. He lost his stripes after a disgraceful performance during a parade … Continue reading

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Right Again

Untitled document I have been writing fairly frequently about what has been going on down in Mexico with the leftist losers who refused to concede the election and now refuse to recognize the winner. One thing I asked, time and … Continue reading

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