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Campaign Finance Myths

Untitled document George Will, writing in the Washington Post has a devastating takedown of public financing of presidential elections. Meant to be a high-minded way to take all candidates to a level playing field, public financing has instead limited candidates and … Continue reading

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Going Nuclear

Untitled document Glenn Reynolds has an article up over at TCS Daily that argues that it might just be time to seriously look at nuclear energy if you are serious about global warming and American dependence on foreign oil. He … Continue reading

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Reading Polls

Untitled document Judith Apter Klinghoffer has a definitive breakdown of the latest polls coming out of Iraq. You REALLY need to read this before you accept the media spin that is being force-fed to the American public. All is not … Continue reading

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The Rim Of Opportunity

Untitled document The Mars Rover Opportunity has reached the rim of Victoria Crater and has beamed back a stunning picture of the place. The little robot that could has done good. The rover beamed black-and-white images back to Earth showing the … Continue reading

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Very Bad Moves

Untitled document I have never watched Keith Olberman's show, but have seen a few video clips. My opinion of him? He's a jerk on the make. He thinks he can build a name for himself by playing to the left … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Iraq

Untitled document William Arkin has a very good post up about the NIE and the war on terror in general. He points out that Iraq is only part of what is going on in the War on Terror and it … Continue reading

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House Detainee Bill Passes 253-168

Untitled document Some Democrats have supported the bill it seems. For nearly two weeks the GOP have been embarrassed as the White House and rebellious Republican senators have fought publicly over whether Bush's plan would give him too much authority. … Continue reading

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Space To Let

Untitled document A couple of items of interest from Space.com. First, the design of the Project Orion capsule is progressing rapidly. What basically looks just like an over sized Apollo capsule is being designed and built by Lockheed Martin with … Continue reading

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Malevolent Marsupial Motivates Mêlée

Untitled document A wily opossum started a chain of events that ended up with a man tasered, his subsequent escape, a dog shot, then the capture of the fugitive. Sounds like an exciting day in San Diego. The malicious marsupial started … Continue reading

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The Vicious Season

Untitled document Generally, the term 'The silly season' is used to refer to the time period when Congress is not in session during the summer. It is a time when there is little day-to-day news coming out of Washington and … Continue reading

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7-11 Store Chain Drops Contract With Citgo!

Untitled document Wow. The 7-11 chain of convenience stores is dropping Venezuelan owned Citgo gasoline at over 2,100 locations and switching to other suppliers. The chain has had a contract with Citgo for 20 years but it dropping them because of … Continue reading

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And In The Interest Of Being Fair

Untitled document A French accomplishment toward the advancement of medicine in space. Using a specially equipped Airbus aircraft, French doctors have proven the feasability of performing surgery in zero gravity. Dominique Martin, head of Bordeaux university hospital's plastic surgery unit, … Continue reading

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More About The NIE

Untitled document From Jules Crittenden at the Boston Herald, a detailed breakdown of what the NIE says, or does not say.  1.In time of war, the nation’s classified intelligence analysis of the enemy’s capabilities is none of our, the public’s, … Continue reading

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Laugh Of The Day

Untitled document Courtesy of The New Republic and Marty Peretz: A collection of quotes about the French! "France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by … Continue reading

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Locusts Besiege Cancun, Demand Tequila

Untitled document Those party animals of the animal uprising, the locust, have laid siege to the Mexican resort city of Cancun. Our sources tell us that the locust heard about the free tequila that is available to tourists at the … Continue reading

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