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House Passes (Insert Misnomer Here) Bill

Untitled document The House of Representatives has passed what the media continues to call a "warrantless wiretap" bill. It is not, of course. What the House passed is a bill allowing specific telephone calls to be listened to under specific … Continue reading

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Frist Wins Big – America Wins Bigger

Untitled document Bill Frist ramrodded the "fence only" immigration bill through a cloture vote and it carried by 71-28. The fence only bill will be passed tomorrow with no way for opponents to kill it. There will be additional fence … Continue reading

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NOW We Know Why The Llama Got It

Untitled document Earlier today we reported on the vicious gangland style murder of the llama found in Oakland, California. We knew it was the work of the dreaded animal mafia because the body was found with its legs tied together. … Continue reading

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Senate Passes Detainee Bill 65-34

Untitled document The Senate has passed the bill governing detention and questioning of terrorists. The bill could reach the president for signature by tomorrow. The 65-34 vote means the bill could reach the president's desk by week's end. The House … Continue reading

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More Imaginary Woodpeckers!

Untitled document Actually, it's just another report on the same expedition where the searchers swear they saw the Ivory Billed Woodpeckers – honest – but never got a picture. But it finally gave our experts a handle on why they are failing … Continue reading

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US Freezes Military Aid To Thailand

Untitled document The United States government has suspended about $24 million in military aid to the government of Thailand as a result of the military coup there. The United States has imposed sanctions against Thailand in response to the military … Continue reading

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The Greatest People In American History

Untitled document Blogger version at least. John Hawkins at Right Wing News asked 225 bloggers to pick who they considered to be the greatest Americans in history. I was one of the bloggers asked to participate. He has the list … Continue reading

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UN Report Hints Al Qaeda Is Losing

Untitled document Not that I am a big supporter of the UN in general, but taken together with the tape from the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq noted earlier, this report hints that al Qaeda is hurting. As an indication … Continue reading

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Could You Play A Few Bars?

Untitled document Only if you want to be behind bars. AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A burglar who broke into a house in the Dutch town of Tiel on Wednesday night could not resist playing the piano he found there after ransacking … Continue reading

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Data Point

Untitled document Political polls should always be treated with a grain of salt. In general, it is better to watch the trends in these things over a period of time rather than treat each one as particularly meaningful revelation. That … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda In Iraq Admits Heavy Casualties

Untitled document This is extremely interesting. The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq has issued an audio tape that admits that more than 4,000 foreign fighters have died in Iraq. (Frankly, if they are admitting 4,000, the actual total is … Continue reading

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Ah Ha! The Truth Comes Out!

Untitled document We reported a few days back that the Australian government had blocked a crocodile feeding program. Even though the plan was widely endorsed by crocodiles, the government would not let rank amatuers go into the saltwater marshes to "hunt" … Continue reading

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Menendez Meltdown Marches On

Untitled document More Menendez follies as he is forced to sever all ties to a long-time political adviser and fundraiser. Why? Because the adviser was taped trying to get a favor for Menendez. U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez's closest political adviser … Continue reading

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Empty Pot Speaks

Untitled document The perennial empty pot is at it again, Jimmy Carter has the unmitigated gall to lecture about the US being in more danger because we "didn't stay in Afghanistan". FALLON, Nev. — Former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday major … Continue reading

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Iran Refuses To Halt Enrichment Activities

Untitled document Anyone foolish enough to believe Iranian president Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would agree to any suspension of uranium enrichment under any circumstances, go have your head examined. Ahmadinejad has repudiated any "progress" EU negotiators say they have made by … Continue reading

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