Video Of Atta Surfaces

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A video of 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta has suddenly surfaced in the hands of the Times of London. There is suddenly a rush of this stuff flooding out just before the elections, isn't there?

I’ve always hoped we wouldn’t have to suffer an Atta video. I can stand videos of any of the other 18 — they’re all basically fungible — but to be taunted from the grave by the hijacker everyone recognizes is intolerable. I’m not sure we should even post it when it comes out.

We will, though, of course.

The article says there’s no audio on the video the Times of London has, which means they’ve got a pirated copy. But who pirated it, and from whom?

They’re not saying yet. They had better soon.

The video will be posted sometime around 7AM tomorrow morning. I'll link as soon as it is available.

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