Wile E. Goes Looney

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We always suspected that the years of failure and people laughing at him would finally make Wile E. Coyote go mad. Little did we suspect how right we were. But a Pennsylvania man found out the hard way when a mad coyote chased him and his dog right into the house. Only quick thinking by the man's wife prevented the rabid beast from charging right in after them. She slammed the door in the animal's face.

Craig S. Luckenbill said Thursday that he ran to get his 12-gauge shotgun, and his wife managed to close the door, but the coyote continued biting at the door and the front of the house.

The coyote was in the front yard when Luckenbill went out and killed it with the shotgun, he said. "I'm a hunter but I've never seen anything like that."

The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed Wednesday that the 40-pound eastern coyote Luckenbill shot on Sept. 21 had rabies, the first coyote to test positive for rabies in the state.

The animal uprising reaches Pennsylvania with the arrival of rabid coyotes. We'd all better hope the Road Runner doesn't join the plot against us.

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3 Responses to Wile E. Goes Looney

    don’t forget it!

  2. Blackhawk says:

    I dunno….

    A couple of his relatives are on the road down here…rather ‘unanimated’.

    Maybe if they learned to look both ways before crossing the street…

  3. Obviously, their Acme credit card had been revoked.

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