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Cue Eerie Music

And so, gentle readers, we come to the end of Halloween. A day of terror, an evening when the dead, reputedly, walk among us. So it is only fitting that we honor the spirits and visit some reputedly haunted abodes. … Continue reading

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We will punish you. We will bring you to your knees. Your actions will bring certain retaliatory vengeance down upon your heads. You will regret ever having crossed us. We will stop taking all that aid money you send us. … Continue reading

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Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

Ah, the classics. In hacker culture and in English-speaking society generally, this catch phrase currently serves as a facetious method to inform an associate that they are about to make a stupid mistake—that there’s a factor he or she overlooked … Continue reading

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Intelligence Via Wiki

A Wikipedia for intelligence agencies. In what is both a smart and a risky move, the US intelligence agencies are using a format very much like Wikipedia for sharing intelligence between agencies. It is smart because the format works rather … Continue reading

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One is just not quite sure what to make of the news today. There appear to be a number of things backfiring rather badly on the Democrats today. It must be a day for Halloween madness, I guess. So we … Continue reading

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Step Away From The Gator

Ok, try and follow this: Cops make a drug bust. Cops confiscate drugs. Drug dealer apparently owed money to someone for the drugs. With the drugs gone, the dealer could not pay. So the creditor sent someone around to collect … Continue reading

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Here’s A Shocker

The heckler who tried to accost George Allen at a campaign appearance was a Kos diarist who was trying to provoke a response against Allen. Now that isn't at all surprising in this utterly awful campaign season. What is very, … Continue reading

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Did Kerry Torpedo The Democrats?

There is a distinct possibility that John "Magic Hat" Kerry just single-handedly severely damaged the Democrats. Even if Kerry made a mistake, he completely blew it when he went on the nearly deranged sounding attack in his press release. Tom Bevan … Continue reading

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Limousine Liberal Gets Latte’d

It seems all is not smooth sailing for Barbara Streisand and her concert tour. She continues to have her George Bush imitator show up during the show to bore people to tears. Well, some people don't cry, they get angry. … Continue reading

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The Kerry Implosion

Via Leaning Straight Up, this comes from John "Magic Hairnet" Kerry. Washington – Senator John Kerry issued the following statement in response to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, assorted right wing nut-jobs, and right wing talk show hosts desperately … Continue reading

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An Indecent Haste

Christopher Hitchens on Iraq and the calls for a precipitous withdrawal: I am glad that all previous demands for withdrawal or disengagement from Iraq were unheeded, because otherwise we would not be able to celebrate the arrest and trial of … Continue reading

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A Whole New Breed

One hopes the Australians are planning ahead here. They need to seriously consider petitioning for an entirely new dog breed designation should this scheme work out. It seems that there has been enormous damage done to a colony of penguins … Continue reading

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Hubba, Hubba, Hubble, Hubble!

NASA just announced that the Hubble repair mission is a "go". CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA will send a space shuttle to repair the 16-year-old Hubble Space Telescope, agency Administrator Michael Griffin announced Tuesday, reversing his predecessor's order that had … Continue reading

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Vote In Your Dead

In a new variation on the old stories about the "dead vote", Alaska has voted in the dead. Katherine Dunton, who died of cancer on October 3, the day of the local election, was re-elected to the Aleutian Region School … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

A small roundup of things Halloweenish. Item: We all know that Halloween is supposed to be a night for the dead, but the French press has declared Halloween itself dead. "Halloween pretty much buried," the daily le Monde reported, quoting … Continue reading

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