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This Is Funny

Untitled document Headline: "Slumping Fox News celebrating 1st decade". But the years of explosive growth have ended at Fox. Viewership over the first eight months of the year was down 5 percent compared to 2005, with a steeper 13 percent … Continue reading

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Everything Old Is New Again

Untitled document My best friend for many years was Roy. Oddly, he was a couple of years older than I was and was actually a classmate of my older sister. Still, he and I were friends for years and years. … Continue reading

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FBI Opens Criminal Investigation On Foley

Untitled document The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into the conduct of former representative Mark Foley to see if he broke Federal law in his conduct. Said inquiry should also examine who knew what when if there were violations … Continue reading

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The Enemies Of Free Speech

Untitled document There is endless whining about the stifling of free speech in this country coming from the left. Tune in to almost any interview with someone from the left on the issue and they will be wailing. Endlessly. On television. … Continue reading

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Scare Tactic

Untitled document Here's a real beauty. AFP of all outlets is carrying this little gem. The report says that US farmers, in California in particular, are facing a "crippling" labor shortage due to the illegal immigration crackdown. Farms across the … Continue reading

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Iran Promises To Expand Nuclear Program

Untitled document Not only will they not stop uranium enrichment activities, they fully plan to expand the program according to Iranian president Ahmadinejad. Speaking to professors at Tehran University, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran hopefully will increase its enrichment program … Continue reading

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< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Untitled document There was a gathering of a very exclusive club this week in Boston. Living members of that club are rare to begin with, since so … Continue reading

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A Question Of Timing, Part Two

Untitled document Rick Moran is still asking questions as are a bunch of other people right now. Quite simply, what Foley did was worthy of immediate criminal investigation. If anyone sat on incriminating evidence that kept young people at risk … Continue reading

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Bringing Back The Roadshow

Untitled document The current administrator of NASA, Michael Griffin, gets it. He understands the reality that PR is enormously important for building public support for NASA and the space program in general. He's had a NASA roadshow developed using a … Continue reading

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Israel Completes Pullout

Untitled document Israel forces have completely exited from Lebanon. The last forces crossed the border around 2:30 am local time. Hezbollah allies immediately surveyed the former Israeli positions. That's just great, isn't it? Witnesses said the Israelis began moving tanks … Continue reading

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He Manages To Keep A Straight Face When He Says This

Untitled document You have got to give him credit. Screamin' Howie Dean can pull off a statement like this without bursting out laughing. Great self control. When asked by AFP about Hugo Chavez's antics at the UN last week, Howie … Continue reading

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Dictator For Life

Untitled document Hugo Chavez appears to be laying all the groundwork to seize lifetime political control of Venezuela. His latest is to charge that a plot to assassinate him was broken up, then to allude that his presidential election rival … Continue reading

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Important Distinction

Untitled document Jonathan Gurwitz has a piece in the San Antonio Express News that points out the fallacy of extending full Geneva Convention protections to illegal combatants. That actually undermines the Conventions and renders them increasingly meaningless. That doesn't mean, … Continue reading

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A Question Of Timing

Untitled document Read what Rick Moran has to say about the ruckus surrounding the Foley matter. Pay particular attention to the second update. Read AllahPundit as well. Reportedly the St Pete Times had the same information in August 2005 and … Continue reading

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Viciousness Continues

Untitled document The Washington Post continues to flog away at Senator George Allen's campaign in the Virginia Senate race. Virtually every word being written out of that race is scrutiny of one form or another of Allen, with very little … Continue reading

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