A Question Of Timing, Part Two

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Rick Moran is still asking questions as are a bunch of other people right now. Quite simply, what Foley did was worthy of immediate criminal investigation. If anyone sat on incriminating evidence that kept young people at risk for political purposes they are also worthy of criminal investigation.

That goes for left or right, Republican or Democrat. Let's make that quite clear.

It is quite obvious that the email exchange that kicked this ruckus off was creepy, but not criminal. The IM exchange is where it crossed the line. If the House leadership only had the emails and were asked not to follow it up by the intern's parents, it would appear they did not do anything criminal.

But if someone had those IMs and held them for political impact, they committed a crime and could be reasonably charged with accessory after the fact. And should be.

The media knew about the emails but did not have enough, absent the IMs to go to publication.

So – I want to see a full criminal investigation here of all the actors involved and I want it now. If anyone withheld the IMs hoping for political impact, I want them charged with the criminal behavior they de facto committed. I don't give a damn what party the people involved here belong to, either. If someone knowingly endangered children for political purposes, I want them charged and tried.

UPDATE: The White House wants a criminal investigation into the matter, right now.

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  3. Mixmates says:

    Great bash the Democrats for Repulican stupidity. It’s known that Repulican party leaders knew EXACT information and you suppose that Democrats knew that exact information – because Repulicans have been so forthright and honest with information sharing. Brilliant.

  4. Gaius says:

    Perhaps you should sharpen up your reading comprehension, which is apparently quite poor.

  5. Mixmates says:


    You are correct I misread it the first time around. I’m afraid I got a little ticked by reading about how stupid the “Dems” were on each and every story, then on this one nothing until the comments section. As for my comprehension – when I’m not seeing red it’s fine thanks. My apologies chez Diva.


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