This Is Funny

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Headline: "Slumping Fox News celebrating 1st decade".

But the years of explosive growth have ended at Fox. Viewership over the first eight months of the year was down 5 percent compared to 2005, with a steeper 13 percent decline in prime-time, according to Nielsen Media Research. For 12 straight months, Fox's prime-time audience has been smaller than the year before. Meanwhile, CNN viewership inched up 5 percent this year through August. On a typical day this year, Fox's audience is 845,000 while CNN's is 466,000.

I haven't watched Fox (or anyone else) in a long time now. But the engineer in me says that a two to one advantage in viewers isn't a slump. Now, if the head of Fox news thinks the channel needs to grow more and faster, that's his call as a business decision. But the media is playing a game of wishful thinking here, I suspect.

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