The New Nickname

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After a year long project the city of Little Rock, Arkansas has decided on a brand new nickname. Formerly known as the "City of Roses", the mayor of Little Rock proudly announced the new nick they've decided on:

The Rock.

After a yearlong project to replace the city's former moniker, "City of Roses," Arkansas' capital city on Monday unveiled its new nickname: "The Rock."

"The Rock kind of portrays something pretty solid," said Mayor Jim Dailey. "A rock; there is something substantive about it."

Dailey said he wasn't concerned that "The Rock" would be confused with the former Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay or with the professional wrestler-turned-actor.

We have been informed by our usual grade of reliable sources, which come in somewhat better on average than Reuters but a little less creative than the AP, that former president Bill Clinton was overruled on his choice of a nickname: The Hard Place.

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  1. Sorry, hillbillies, but Staten Island is “The Rock,” and we will come down there and stomp you flatter than a pancake if you try muscling in on our monicker.

  2. Besides, your whole state is a punchline.

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