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The Whining Continues

Untitled document I noted this one when AFP tried to spin it out. Now the Washington Post has jumped on the bandwagon. All those mean Federal policies to try to crack down on illegal immigration are making it hard for … Continue reading

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Apples ≠ Oranges

Untitled document Speaking of overplaying hands, Joseph Califano, writing in the Washington Post does a superb, over the top job with a piece that is supposed to be "tsk-tsking" the House leadership's handling of the Foley emails by contrasting ti … Continue reading

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Untitled document Just when you thought it was safe to visit Mississippi. The animal uprising, arachnid division, has launched an all-out invasion of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The Brown Widow spider has suddenly appeared in large numbers in a … Continue reading

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Irey Making A Race Of It

Untitled document Redstate has some stunning news for the Murtha campaign. A recent poll shows Diana Irey suddenly surging to within ten points of Murtha. It was not supposed to be anywhere near that close. For a candidate challenging a … Continue reading

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The Danger Of Overplaying A Hand

Untitled document At least there are some folks who are not fans of the Republican party and who are pulling for the Democrats in November who are trying to sound a cautious note about the Foley matter. I have not … Continue reading

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Not A Winning Strategy

Untitled document Generally speaking, one should consider it bad form to show up drunk for one's third court appearance for drunk driving – in the last month alone. But then, it did happen in "The Rock"**. LITTLE ROCK – A Little … Continue reading

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More Suppression Of Free Speech

Untitled document In the name of "Free Speech". I honestly do not think these people are capable of grasping the concept at all. Your newscast and this segment concept are both outstanding. However, CBS News has a responsibility to the … Continue reading

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Search For The Grunion

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Untitled document A lifelong question of three men may be getting closer to being answered. What happened to their father's submarine? They knew the Grunion had sunk … Continue reading

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Sunken Treasure

Untitled document There is a new British firm that has big plans for recovering sunken treasure. No, not that romantic pirate treasure stuff (although that is not ruled out, either). They are set on recovering sunken cargoes of metals such … Continue reading

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Blogging and Libel

Untitled document USA Today has a must-read for anyone blogging these days. There are an increasing number of lawsuits being filed against blogs and bloggers. Some of these are brought for no other reason than to silence the blogger. Others … Continue reading

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Imaginary Woodpeckers Take On Biggest Challenge

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have been among the first to bring the world all sorts of cutting edge information on imaginary woodpeckers. But now, because of our immense resources and uncanny knack for putting two and … Continue reading

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Giant Problems For Giant Aircraft

Untitled document The Airbus A-380 is falling even farther behind in its delivery schedule. Several airlines have been notified that delivery may be up to two years later than the original contract dates. At least some of the airlines are … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

Untitled document Ed Morrisey's Captain's Quarters blog turns three years old today. Congratulations, Captain Ed. UPDATE: Coincidentally, it is also Sister Toldjah's third anniversary and The Anchoress just topped two million visitors. Tweet

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US Carmakers Studying Bulgarian Safety Innovation

Untitled document Engineers in Detroit are reportedly keenly interested in a new automobile safety innovation pioneered in Bulgaria. A woman in Ruse, Bulgaria has apparently developed the personal airbag system. The 24-year-old ran through a red light and crashed her … Continue reading

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This Should Scare You

Untitled document The UN taking over the internet. That should really, really, really worry anyone with half a brain. Currently, the internet is governed by ICANN, a private organization which has virtually no real oversight, but pays lip service to … Continue reading

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