Giant Problems For Giant Aircraft

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The Airbus A-380 is falling even farther behind in its delivery schedule. Several airlines have been notified that delivery may be up to two years later than the original contract dates. At least some of the airlines are now actively reviewing their options with cancellation of orders a distinct possibility.

"We have received information from Airbus that we're going to receive the first A380 in summer 2009," said Lufthansa spokeswoman Stefanie Stotz. "That's one year later than anticipated up to now."

EADS declined to confirm or deny that its board was scheduled to discuss a restructuring plan for Airbus and a new delivery timetable for its troubled A380, which was already about a year behind schedule when the latest production problems were disclosed.

Dubai-based Emirates also said Tuesday it had received notice that its A380s will be delayed by 10 more months.

"Emirates has been advised by Airbus of a further 10 month delay to its A380 program, which means that our first aircraft will now arrive in August 2008," Emirates CEO Tim Clark said in a statement.

The new setback is a "very serious issue for Emirates," Clark said, adding that the airline is now reviewing all its options.

The first delivery to Emirates — originally scheduled this month — will now be almost two years late. Stotz said Lufthansa now expects delivery between May and September 2009, a similar delay compared with the original delivery target of late 2007.

Who knew it would be so hard to build a flying sardine can.

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  1. BubbaB says:

    Well, you know, Airbus is formed by socialist governments from Europe, and everybody knows that Airbus is going to wipe Boeing off the map, especially since the US won’t give Boeing any breaks, and…

    Wait a minute! Airbus is going down the tubes? Whodathunkit?


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