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Spending Spree

Untitled document The Washington Post has a report on what McCain-Feingold has brought about by limiting "soft money". A virtual forest of 527 groups has sprung up all over the political landscape and is wreaking havoc with local races. Enormous … Continue reading

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US To Forgive Guatemala Debt, Preserve Nature

Untitled document The US and Guatemala have signed a deal that will forgive $24 million in debt to the US in exchange to the protection of nature in that country. It is the largest such deal ever made. Under the … Continue reading

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Truth In Advertising At Last

Untitled document All I can say is that it's about time. After all these years of calling politicians clowns, a real one is running for mayor of the city of Alameda, California. Kenny the Clown to be precise. Kenneth Kahn, … Continue reading

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One Down

Untitled document One less jerk mailing threatening letters filled with white powder. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have arrested a man who attempted to send two threatening letters to places president Bush is scheduled to appear. The man, an engineer … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In The Real World

Untitled document While the US political scene is taken up by strident political internecine warfare, vituperative charges and counter-charges and bumbling politicians, the rest of the world looks at how we conduct ourselves. Our allies become frightened and our enemies … Continue reading

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