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This Was Never Smart

Untitled document In this day and age, it is not a good idea to make jokes about terrorism when traveling. It is especially stupid to carry dangerous banned items when traveling. But carrying explosives on to a plane as "souvenirs" … Continue reading

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Reversal Pending

Untitled document The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sent a pretty clear signal today that Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's decision about the constitutionality of the governments surveillance program will be overturned. The appeals court ruled the program can continue … Continue reading

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How Not To Treat A Snakebite

Untitled document You know all those movie Westerns where someone gets bitten by a rattlesnake? The hero always puts on a tourniquet, then slices ope the wound and sucks the venom out. All heroic and all, right? The best way … Continue reading

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Shipwreck Identified

Untitled document The remains of a ship found near Hawaii in the recently designated Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument have been identified. The ship was an iron-hulled sailing ship named the Dunnottar Castle which hit a reef and sank. … Continue reading

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FBI Executes Search Warrants On Spinach Companies

Untitled document In the first indication that there may have been a crime involved, the FBI executed search warrants at two California produce companies that handle spinach. The raids follow an E. coli outbreak that hit numerous states, killed one person … Continue reading

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On The Jumping Of Sharks

Untitled document Well, this unraveled faster than I believed possible. The left has overplayed the Foley hand to the point that there is now a brewing anti-homosexual witch hunt. Aimed at Republican staffers who happen to be gay. Gay Patriot … Continue reading

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Raise Your Hand If You Didn’t See This Coming

Untitled document The new Microsoft Vista operating system will disable your computer if it decides you are running a pirated copy of the new system. The world's largest software maker said Wednesday that people running a version of Windows Vista … Continue reading

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Have You Seen These Breasts?

Untitled document German police have put out an all points bulletin on some missing breasts. While we here at Blue Crab Boulevard have been known to take a few minor liberties with some stories, we swear we are not making … Continue reading

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Pandora And That Damnable Box

Untitled document Pandora had repeatedly fancied that sounds like whispers issued from the box. The noise now seemed to increase, and she breathlessly applied her ear to the lid to ascertain whether it really proceeded from within. Imagine, therefore, her … Continue reading

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Airships In Space

Untitled document Well, okay, near space, not actually in it. But still, having an airship that is actually a huge sensor for tracking ground and aerial targets is a pretty interesting gizmo. Especially since it could stay aloft for a … Continue reading

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Untitled document In what may turn out to be another twisted publicity stunt, there are reports that the Westboro Hate Cult is planning to protest at a memorial service for the little Amish girls murdered by a psychopath on Monday. … Continue reading

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The Danger Of Overplaying A Hand – Part Two

Untitled document Jim Hoft has a roundup of some things that probably should be making a few people nervous about the whole Foley matter. Not the people the left and the Dems would have you believe should be nervous, either. … Continue reading

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EU Negotiator Admits Obvious

Untitled document Javier Solana, the European Union's negotiator in charge of talks with Iran has finally told the EU the truth. The endless hours of negotiations are going nowhere and are pointless unless Iran changes its stance (which the Iranian president made plain … Continue reading

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Still More On Stillmore

Untitled document It's an illegal immigrant bonanza today with the Christian Science Monitor now weighing in on the story about Stillmore, Georgia and the "crackdown" on the illegal immigrants working at a food processing plant there. I have been posting … Continue reading

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Strategies For Winning – In 2008

Untitled document John Fund tells us we're all freaks. Well, not really. He's actually reviewing a book by Mark Halperin, the political director of ABC News, and John Harris, the political editor for the Washington Post, titled The Way to Win. … Continue reading

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