The Danger Of Overplaying A Hand – Part Two

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Jim Hoft has a roundup of some things that probably should be making a few people nervous about the whole Foley matter. Not the people the left and the Dems would have you believe should be nervous, either. One bit he quotes from Mac's Mind stands out:

"However, I do know that the specific focus of the FBI at this point is to determine who knew about Foley’s activities, when they knew it and specifically who withheld evidence in what may be a Federal Crime. Yet like in many investigations, there is sometimes the uncovering of other crimes that takes place. It should be said at this point that the attempt to extort or influence, or threaten a US congressman, in order to influence legislation, or an election is a Federal Crime, and if in fact principals were involved in such an orchestrated plan it will be discovered."

Again, I must point out that even as a constituent of former Representative Foley, I detest his actions, and do not condone and accept them in anyway. In fact I support his prosecution if applicable laws have been broken. But again, those who participated before the fact in the “outing” of Foley, seem to have had at this point specific knowledge of his activities and if proven at the least are guilty of conspiracy to withhold evidence, and obstruction of justice.

Foley was properly run out of office for his behavior. But if there was evidence withheld to try to influence the election, there may yet be hell to pay in this. Just not the way some people think.

UPDATE: Confederate Yankee would like some answers.

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2 Responses to The Danger Of Overplaying A Hand – Part Two

  1. D. Ox says:

    What do you think the chances are of a serious investigation? When Sandy Burger can steal classified documents and get a wrist slap? When forged documents for CBS’s effort in 2004 to derail an election get completely ignored? I’m not too optimistic that anyone will face anything over this obviously orchestrated stunt.

    Great post however!

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