A Warning From Drug Manufacturers

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A very important reminder from German drug manufacturer Schering. Please pay attention here:

Do not use hemorrhoid ointment on your face.

The warning came after a male stylist said on Norwegian television that many photo models used the cream in the morning to get rid of puffy eyes, which the drug company said seemed to have boosted demand for such products at pharmacies.

"This is a pharmaceutical and not a cosmetic," the group's Norwegian subsidiary Schering Norge AS said in a statement, warning especially to keep haemorrhoid cream out of the eyes.

This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Blue Crab Boulevard. That is all.*

* (Although, truthfully, we do know a few people who would benefit from whole body immersion).

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  1. Gaius says:

    Oh, sure. And you guys call me the evil twin.

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