California Authorities Raid Animal Safe House

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Authorities in Monterey, California have raided a safe house used by operatives of the animal uprising. They captured 86 animal operatives, breaking up a nefarious plot. To avoid public panic, the authorities are pretending it was just some addled woman who collected a bunch of pets.

The woman in the house had accumulated the critters over time and was trying to find homes for them. There were 56 fish, six cats, six rats, five frogs, four geckos, three ferrets, two lovebirds, two lizards, one guinea pig and one dog.

"She knew she'd gotten in over her head. She was more than happy to surrender them to us," Adams said.

SPCA spokeswoman Beth Brookhouser said she does not believe charges will be filed against the woman.

We are not sure what they had planned, but with that particular mix of operatives, we can be certain it was an amphibious operation! Obviously, the guinea pig was the brains of the operation.

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