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Heights Of Hypocrisy

Untitled document Peter Glover has an article up over at TCS Daily that really is a must read. It is about the globe-trotting jet setters in the "green" movement who rack up thousands and thousands of frequent flier miles to … Continue reading

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“They Have No Right To Be Able To Speak Here.”

Untitled document The words of a budding leftist storm trooper proud of storming a stage to silence someone else's right to free speech at Columbia University. In an appalling display of intolerance, students assaulted two speakers from the Minuteman group … Continue reading

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“We’re Getting Into Very Dangerous Territory”

Untitled document That's the lead sentence in a piece by the Prowler, quoting a Democratic Leadership aide about David Corn's revelation about the "list" of gay Republican staffers. It seems there are a few people who realize that Democrats are in … Continue reading

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Lamont Financial Problems?

Untitled document Ned Lamont has had to dig into his own pocket for another half a million bucks. This comes about a week after his last transfusion of 3/4 of a million a week or so ago. It would appear … Continue reading

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