Spider Crashes SUV!

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Well, ok, the spider actually caused a man to crash his own SUV. But it's really just a matter of semantics isn't it? Anyway, the driver apparently tried to get out of his moving vehicle when the spider surprised him.

James Lee, 28, was trying to get out of the SUV when it smashed into a tree. He walked away with a bloody nose caused by the air bag.

But, it could've been worse. At least it wasn't the new Volvo XC90 he won in a contest.

Last month, Lee was one of 11 people from across the country to win a new vehicle from McDonald's, the Bangor Daily News reported. After finishing a Big Mac extra value meal, he got the winning game piece for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" game.

Ok, so he's a bit nervous. Or has arachnophobia big time. Personally, we try never to swerve for livestock, either inside or outside the vehicle, but that's just our way. However, if we saw one of these babies we'd probably lose control, too. However, we'd probably stay in the car.

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  1. BubbaB says:

    So now the spiders are REALLY involved in the animal uprising?

    But watch out, if it’s an endangered spider you are swatting, you could get jail time…

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