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Untitled document I can't wait to see the ruckus over this one from the left. Donald Rumsfeld, the US Secretary of Defense and all-around whipping boy of the left, has dared to write an op-ed in the Washington Post. One … Continue reading

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A Hint Of Movement

Untitled document Reports are saying that the six nations involved in trying to rein in Iran have actually agreed to start talking about sanctions at last. There may be a possibility that the Axis of Egos™ has finally strained the … Continue reading

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All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Untitled document Oh hell, the peer pressure is too great. I can't help myself. First it was Roger Simon, that evil and twisted man who writes. For a living. …although I cannot say I am really a Republican. I only … Continue reading

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A Big Time In A Small Place

Untitled document In small Midwestern towns there is a ritual that comes every fall. Sometimes it happens earlier in the first days of the school year; sometimes a bit later. But it comes around at some point when the summer … Continue reading

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Pretty Ironic

Untitled document Here's an ironic development: Human Rights Watch is calling the UN Human Rights Council a "huge disappointment". They note that the body essentially debated a lot of the world's problems and accomplished nothing at all. The Council, launched earlier … Continue reading

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A Quiet Heroism

Untitled document I would rather not write this post. I did not write it yesterday when the story broke because of that reluctance. But there are names that must be remembered and one that must be forgotten. And so I … Continue reading

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Greeks Recovery WWII Dive Bomber

Untitled document Greek military divers have successfully recovered the wreckage of a World War Two German Junkers 87 "Stuka" dive bomber. The bomber is believed to have been shot down in 1943 and was part of a German squadron operating from … Continue reading

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NASA Mars Teams High Five

Untitled document The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter used its HiRISE imaging system to take an unprecedented photograph of the Mars rover Opportunity at the rim of Victoria Crater. An absolutely fabulous photograph, too. Isn't technology wonderful? This image from the High … Continue reading

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Betting The House On A Pair Of Deuces

Untitled document According to David Corn, that is what the left has just done. The "list" that Corn wrote about the other day has, according to Corn, been forwarded to organizations on the religious right by "gay people of a … Continue reading

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“Yes, We Were Stupid”

Untitled document Admits one of the budding young storm troopers who helped along the little brawl at Columbia that silenced the speech by Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist. He said it regarding the decision by Columbia University administrators to examine … Continue reading

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Sideshows And Carnival Barkers

Untitled document There are real dangers in the world today. There are self-declared enemies of the United States in the Middle East, the Far East and even right here in the Western Hemisphere. We have nations that are engaged in … Continue reading

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Nancy Takes Another Victory Lap

Untitled document Nancy Pelosi is doing it again. She's counting chickens and taking a victory lap before the elections. She's now talking up what she will accomplish in the first 100 hours after taking over as Speaker of the House. … Continue reading

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More About The Silencing Of Speech At Columbia

Untitled document Tigerhawk has more about the incident at Columbia University that I commented on yesterday. Tigerhawk point out that the stifling of free speech at colleges is not even remotely a new tactic and has been used reliably by … Continue reading

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A Voice In The Wilderness

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer tries to remind us that there are other things in the world than the Foley scandal. Not that there is much chance of him being heard at the moment. Yet he continues to try to point … Continue reading

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Feeling Down Since Your Abduction?

Untitled document Feeling depressed or distressed since you were released by the kidnappers? Is it hard to concentrate since they implanted the electrodes in your brain? Feel like there's nothing you can do about it since it's impossible to serve legal … Continue reading

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