A Quiet Heroism

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I would rather not write this post. I did not write it yesterday when the story broke because of that reluctance. But there are names that must be remembered and one that must be forgotten. And so I will write this for the ones who should be remembered.

On Monday, a monstrous evil was visited on a quiet and gentle place in Pennsylvania. By now everyone knows that. Everyone knows that a man entered an Amish school and took the little girls hostage at gunpoint and released the boys. Everyone knows the horror that followed. There are five dead already, another five hospitalized and one is in very grave condition and has been removed from life support. But before the murders commenced there was an act that must not be forgotten.

The oldest girl to be murdered that day, 13 year old Marian Fisher, stepped forward and asked her killer to shoot her first. She tried to buy time for the others. Then Marian's 11 year old sister, Barbie, stepped forward and asked that she be shot second. Barbie survived, wounded in the hip and shoulder.

When the monster finally turned the gun on himself, he asked the survivors to pray for him before he took his own life. He did not complete all of the evil he set out to do that day. Something stopped him. I suspect he must have measured himself against the quiet heroism of Marian and Barbie Fisher and saw how very lacking he was.

The Amish community buried 13 year old Marian Fisher, 7 year old Naomi Rose Ebersole and sisters Mary Liz Miller, 8, and Lena Miller, 7 yesterday. Today they buried 12 year old Anna Mae Stoltzfus. They invited the wife of the man who killed their children to the funeral. They invited her to supper along with her children.

There is a quiet heroism that I cannot even begin to understand here.

Please read the post The Anchoress wrote about this. She has linked others who wrote about this as well.

UPDATE: "Shoot me and leave the other ones loose". Her name is Marian Fisher. Please remember her.

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