Nancy Takes Another Victory Lap

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Nancy Pelosi is doing it again. She's counting chickens and taking a victory lap before the elections. She's now talking up what she will accomplish in the first 100 hours after taking over as Speaker of the House. Not 100 days. 100 hours.

As in the first 100 hours the House meets after Democrats — in her fondest wish — win control in the Nov. 7 midterm elections and Pelosi takes the gavel as the first Madam Speaker in history.

Day One: Put new rules in place to "break the link between lobbyists and legislation."

Day Two: Enact all the recommendations made by the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Time remaining until 100 hours: Raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, maybe in one step. Cut the interest rate on student loans in half. Allow the government to negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices for Medicare patients.

Broaden the types of stem cell research allowed with federal funds — "I hope with a veto-proof majority," she added in an Associated Press interview Thursday.

All the days after that: "Pay as you go," meaning no increasing the deficit, whether the issue is middle class tax relief, health care or some other priority.

To do that, she said, Bush-era tax cuts would have to be rolled back for those above "a certain level." She mentioned annual incomes of $250,000 or $300,000 a year and higher, and said tax rates for those individuals might revert to those of the Clinton era. Details will have to be worked out, she emphasized.

"We believe in the marketplace," Pelosi said of Democrats, then drew a contrast with Republicans. "They have only rewarded wealth, not work."

"We must share the benefits of our wealth" beyond the privileged few, she added.

Priority one, raise taxes. What is much more important here is not what Pelosi says she will accomplish in her first "100 hours". What's really important here is what isn't important at all to Pelosi.

There is no mention of the war on terror, no mention of the situation in the world, not mention of North Korea or Iran. Other than a vague promise to enact the 9/11 commission's recommendations, there is nothing about keeping this country safe. Only about redistributing wealth in accordance with her beliefs of what is fair.

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2 Responses to Nancy Takes Another Victory Lap

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  2. syn says:

    ‘we must share the benefits of our wealth beyond the privileged few’

    If multi-millionaire Pelosi were honest about having the privileged few share the benefits of their wealth then no doubt she will encourge her friends Teresa kerry-Heinz, Peter Lewis, Stephen Bing and his hollywood mogul pals, Ted Turner, highpowered hollywood celebrites, etc., to actually pay their fair share of taxes instead of beating the system using highpowered attorney/accountants to find all sorts of loopholes which allow the privileged few from paying an nth of their share in taxes.

    Teresa kerry-Heinz earns a lifetime more than I do yet somehow she ended up paying something like 12% while I ended up paying 28%.

    Can Pelosi please explain how increasing my tax margin is going to help me a regular josephine?

    Pelosi and the Democrats will lose simply on the premise that there are so many more people like me who have far more to lose with increased tax rates than her uber-wealthy friends (10 million or more) who have nothing to lose regardless of whether the tax margin is increased or decreased.

    The road to serfom is paved by uber-wealthly socialists.

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