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More Silencing Of Speech

Untitled document You know, for all the whining from the left, for all the movie actors complaints, made endlessly on television, for all the moaning about the way speech is being silenced in Amerikkka by the Bushitler Rethuglicans there is … Continue reading

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Must be Canadian, Eh?

Untitled document Well, this will boggle the mind. The Democratic party has seen fit to explain how they will undo all the evils done by the Republicans to the armed forces. They will honor the troops. They will take care … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Some Riots?

Untitled document The old ABC Monday Night Football theme song was, "Are You Ready For Some Football?". It was arguably Hank Williams, Jr.'s greatest gig ever. It ran for a lot of years. Well, it isn't funny at all that … Continue reading

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The Wages Of Multiculturalism

Untitled document There is a report in the British Sun newspaper that shows how dangerous a situation Britain is in right now. Four returning veteran military officers planned to rent a house in a quiet neighborhood not far from the … Continue reading

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Danger! Warning!

Untitled document From the new Daily Mail "Viral" section. There's more. UPDATE: Oh, this SO belongs here. H/T Cold Fury. Tweet

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Oaxaca Situation Worsens

Untitled document Things in the Mexican City of Oaxaca are getting worse according to reports. Three policemen were abducted and beaten for a number of hours and an anti-strike teacher was murdered. Tourism is virtually dead in the once popular … Continue reading

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Keeping Abreast Of Developments

Untitled document Australian bra manufacturer Berlei has had to make larger larger bras available down under, including making sport bras in E and F cup sizes. Berlei product manager Louise Woods said sales in larger sized bras were increasing. Ms … Continue reading

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This Is Almost Too Funny

Untitled document Rasmussen Reports is reporting that House Speaker Dennis Hastert's poll numbers for favorable/unfavorable have not changed in the latest poll from the numbers taken last in May of this year. All the indignation and ink the carnival barkers … Continue reading

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“Psst, Hey Buddy, Want To Buy A Carbon Credit?”

Untitled document Says the man in the trench coat holding open one lapel. That's a good visual interpretation of the new market in "carbon offsets" market that the global warming enthusiasts are pushing for. It turns out that the Guardian … Continue reading

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Ban Ki-Moon Must Be A Pretty Good Choice

Untitled document For the next Secretary General of the UN. Despite there really not being an awful lot of information available on the man, all the major powers including the US backed him. But what really says he must be … Continue reading

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USS George H. W. Bush Christened

Untitled document The newest and last Nimitz class aircraft carrier to join the US fleet was christened today at Newport News, Virginia. The USS George H. W. Bush was given the traditional champaign sendoff by the former president's daughter, Doro … Continue reading

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Time Reports Castro Has Cancer

Untitled document They are basing it off a source in US intelligence and the Cuban government has denied it completely. But it would certainly fit with many of the oddities of Castro's sudden, secret medical treatment and his complete absence … Continue reading

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Selling Those Cities Again

Untitled document I don't often link anything by William Kristol, not because of any real problems with him, but only because I honestly don't read a whole lot of his articles. In this case, I think he's hit on something … Continue reading

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Amateurish Blunder

Untitled document This one is really surprising, I guess. In this day and age, with fact-checking at the speed of sound(bite), candidates who make false claims are caught awfully fast. So it is that Harold Ford, Jr. Democratic Senate candidate … Continue reading

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All The Best Bribes

Untitled document Are being offered to Iran right now and Kim Jong Il feels neglected. That's the analysis by Peter Brookes on why the diminutive deranged deviate is threatening to set off a nuclear weapon. North Korean dictator Kim Jong … Continue reading

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