Are You Ready For Some Riots?

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The old ABC Monday Night Football theme song was, "Are You Ready For Some Football?". It was arguably Hank Williams, Jr.'s greatest gig ever. It ran for a lot of years. Well, it isn't funny at all that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is denouncing some Danish television broadcasts. It seems that some hard line anti-immigrant political party held a contest for young people to draw cartoons making fun of Mohammed. Danish television aired the footage.

Well, it is hard to justify the media role in this. The film was secretly shot, apparently. The media chose to air it. I don't think that was a particularly wise decision, given the history here. But if the film showed people drawing insulting pictures of the pope what would be the response? A few people complaining? A few letters? A few interviews? Then nothing.

Now, however, we should be preparing ourselves. Are you ready for some riots?

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