Must be Canadian, Eh?

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Well, this will boggle the mind. The Democratic party has seen fit to explain how they will undo all the evils done by the Republicans to the armed forces. They will honor the troops. They will take care of all the troops needs and wants. They will be there for the troops.

Unfortunately for American troops, the Democrats will be taking care of Canadian troops, apparently.

A military guy e-mails a weekend website blooper:

Thought you might be interested in posting this. The DNC website has a page called Veterans and Military Families where they purpo[r]t to care about the welfare of US troops. Unfortunately they couldn't even find a picture of a US soldier to post on the page. The picture in the Get Involved frame is not a US Army uniform. The soldiers in the background are not in a US uniform either.

I just checked. The man in the Canadian uniform is still up on the Democrats website. One thing good about it. The photoshop they did to remove the Canadian hat insignia is so bad, it actually makes the efforts here at the Crabitat look good! And I work with a Photoshop Elements version 2.0.

UPDATE: Florida Cracker found the original stock photo that the Democrats chose to use. Not even remotely accurate. Pretty much like their support for the troops. Frankly, this is beyond appalling. (H/T Riehl World View).

UPDATE: By the way, the Canadian military deserves our respect, even if the Democrats here at home deserve derision for not understanding we are different countries. Here's one reason why we need to treat the Canadians with respect. More here.

UPDATE: Q and O gives a lesson on spotting American uniforms to the Democrats. McQ recommends they look for the "US" on the lapels of the uniform. A recent innovation only in use for a century or so.

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