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Solid Economy

Untitled document The Washington Post plays it surprisingly straight on the latest economic figures. They report that the job market is good and that wages are increasing. Unemployment went down and paychecks went up last month, the government said yesterday, … Continue reading

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How To Survive The Modern World

Untitled document This caught my eye because the proximate cause for the post was the newspaper in my former hometown of Rochester, New York, the Democrat and Chronicle. Now we always referred to it as the Demagogue and Comical, but … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Gribbles

Untitled document True Star Trek aficionados are going to realize where the title of this post came from. In the episode The Trouble With Tribbles, the Enterprise is overrun with cute fuzzy animals called tribbles. I won't spoil it for … Continue reading

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Clothing As Offensive Weaponry

Untitled document Interesting commentary by Charles Moore, writing in the Daily Telegraph. He points out the very unusual statements made this week by Jack Straw, the former British Foreign Secretary. Straw made a statement about Muslim clothing, stating that he … Continue reading

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Oh Oh – Bad Sign

Untitled document Ned Lamont is probably in severe trouble right now. Taegan Goddard's Political Wire is essentially writing him off (guest commentary by Kevin Rennie from the Hartford Courant). Democrats around Connecticut and in DC are concluding that Lamont has … Continue reading

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I’m Not Sure Why

Untitled document Tom Kean, Jr. felt he had to do this. He has called for Speaker Dennis Hastert's resignation. In the first place, Kean is in a Senate race and has been mixing it up very well with Robert Menendez. … Continue reading

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Top Gun

Untitled document I noted the retirement of the F-14 Tomcat a short while ago. A sad day for all the fans of that famous cold warrior aircraft that, fortunately, never had to do the job it was designed for. There … Continue reading

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