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Time’s Up

Untitled document North Korea has apparently detonated a nuclear weapon. The US Geological Survey has not confirmed, but South Korean seismic monitors have indicated that a blast of some kind occurred. The Associated Press is reporting that there is no confirmation … Continue reading

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Hit ‘Em With A Cluebat Hard Enough

Untitled document And they still can't identify an American soldier! The Democrat's official website has finally cleared off the picture of the Canadian soldier. Instead of replacing it with a picture of an American soldier, they put up a generic … Continue reading

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Killing Fields

Untitled document Negotiators from the Arab League are not making any appreciable progress in their talks with the President of Sudan. The government continues to refuse any UN peacekeepers. Meanwhile, Sudanese forces are crossing into neighboring Chad to attack Darfur … Continue reading

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Up Or Out

Untitled document Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift, the US Navy defense lawyer who argued the Hamdan decision in front of the US Supreme Court, has been passed over for promotion and will leave the service after 20 years. The usual suspects who … Continue reading

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Collectively Off Their Nut

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have mentioned many times that we're fond of the British. We've also mentioned many times that they have some unusual quirks. Whether it's saluting a goat, the quaint, if now outlawed, custom … Continue reading

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The Promising Path Of Defeat

Untitled document Just for a contrary opinion on the whole Foley matter, here's Gerard Baker, US Editor and Assistant Editor of The Times of London, writing at Real Clear Politics. What if it's all a Republican plan to lose in … Continue reading

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Unbecoming Of A Mature Democracy

Untitled document Mark Steyn's harsh, harsh judgment on the Foley matter. His column in the Chicago Sun-Times is scathing. He's hard on everyone involved in it, too. He's equally unimpressed with the response by Congressional Republicans as by the opportunistic … Continue reading

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Little Hinges

Untitled document Here's an ironic twist: Michael Goodwin, no fan of the administration or of the way Republicans have done while in Congress is nonetheless very, very unhappy with the focus on the Foley matter. He cautions that this is … Continue reading

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Iran Threatens West Not To Threaten

Untitled document Iranian doublespeak continues with Iran warning the West not to "talk to Iran with the language of threat and sanction". The warnings come amid some signs that the six powers involved are approaching a decision to at least … Continue reading

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The Mistakes Hezbollah Made

Untitled document The Washington Post has a long article dissecting the war in Lebanon and the terrible miscalculations that Hezbollah made all along the way. In the long run, the terror group was able to survive, but at enormous cost. … Continue reading

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China And Japan Meet

Untitled document Chinese President Hu Jintao and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held the first summit between the two nations in five years to talk about strategies to stop North Korea from carrying out a threatened nuclear test. Both leaders … Continue reading

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