Hit ‘Em With A Cluebat Hard Enough

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And they still can't identify an American soldier! The Democrat's official website has finally cleared off the picture of the Canadian soldier. Instead of replacing it with a picture of an American soldier, they put up a generic American flag photo. It's not even a good photo, either. It's dark and grainy.

Good heavens.

Yeah, these are people I trust my nation's security to at the moment. The folks who admit planning on cutting off funding for the troops. The folks who were in charge when a record number of American service members needed food stamps to survive. The folks who can't actually address any issues, just use carnival barkers in the media to pump up a disgraced former Congressman's phone sex into an election issue. When they didn't care about their president's actual sexual escapades in the oval office. Yeah, right.

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2 Responses to Hit ‘Em With A Cluebat Hard Enough

  1. And they are the folks most lkely to be running the House and perhaps the Senate next year. We have seen the last days of Pericles.

  2. Black Jack says:

    Quilly, Don’t lose heart. Have a little faith in the American voter, and don’t believe poll numbers, especially ones reported in the Dem/MSM house organs. They want you discouraged and disillusioned. Don’t fall for their doom and gloom, it’s all an act. They’re bluffing.

    Dems are no more likely to take control of either the House or the Senate, than they’re going to reject abortion, cut taxes, or acknowledge the 2nd Amendment. Dems are Dems, and they’re out of step with the spirit of the times and with the realities of modern life. They’re yesterday’s news, America has moved on, and Dems haven’t got the message.

    Their act is full of sound and fury, but it only signifies their death knell.

    So, don’t worry, be happy.

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