The Promising Path Of Defeat

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Just for a contrary opinion on the whole Foley matter, here's Gerard Baker, US Editor and Assistant Editor of The Times of London, writing at Real Clear Politics. What if it's all a Republican plan to lose in 2006 to ensure victory in 2008?

Think about it.

If the GOP retains control of both houses of congress next month, the medium-term outlook for them – specifically in 2008 – will suddenly look a lot bleaker.

For two more crucial, pre-election years Democrats will be able to lay the blame for all the nation's ills entirely at the Republicans' door. Democrats will have to take no responsibility for running foreign policy, fighting terrorism or defending the homeland. They will be free to exploit every misstep (I'm making a wild guess that there will be a few) just in time for the 2008 campaign.

If the economy turns sour – as looks increasingly possible – it will be added to the list of ills the GOP has brought the country.

If they retain control, Republicans are much less likely to feel the need to nominate someone in 2008 best positioned to garner votes from across the political divide – such as John McCain or Rudolph Giuliani. Instead they will feel freer to select a base-pleasing conservative firebrand such as Newt Gingrich, who will, for all his undoubted strengths, be a tougher sell for a general election.

Now imagine instead that the Democrats win one or both houses of congress. They will actually have to start sharing responsibility for government in what could be a very uncomfortable couple of years. If things go wrong they will take at least some of the blame. If things are OK, they won't get much credit, and can always be attacked as a "do-nothing" congress.

And remember what the nation's congressional leadership will look like if Democrats win on November 7. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. House Speaker, and two heartbeats away from the presidency, Nancy Pelosi. If that doesn't scare the children nothing will.

Baker argues that if he were Hillary, he'd be searching for a sex scandal to set the party back on the promising path of defeat. Well, it's certainly a different theory. Not a new one, however. I have heard much the same from a number of sources recently. But heck, it gives us a chance to report a classic:

The kids should be running it terror right about now!

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3 Responses to The Promising Path Of Defeat

  1. Walter Krankheit says:

    Nothing presents an American face to the world as Speaker Pelosi’s heavily mascara’d eyes and lipsticked mouth.

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  3. ck says:

    The problem being, Iran has to be delt with while Bush is still in office. The next president won’t defy the NYT and hollywood. I have some hope for Allen or Romney but the rest of the pubbies are downright pitiful. The good part will be watching Hillary devour Mr Ketchup.

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