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Wow, Wait Until You Read This

Untitled document The Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, a nonprofit organization that represents native Aleuts in Alaska has rejected lower cost heating oil from Venezuela because of (T)Hugo Chavez's remarks at the UN. These are among the poorest people in the … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering

Untitled document Where that plutonium that North Korea is using came from, the "Agreed Framework" arranged for the stabilization of 8,000 spent fuel rods the North Koreans had allowed to deteriorate to a point where they were in danger of … Continue reading

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Spam Wars

Untitled document I have no idea why, but today is turning into an absolute nightmare on the comment spam front. I am going to turn on a plug-in that will make you have to enter a verification word to post … Continue reading

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US Proposes Tough Sanctions Against North Korea

Untitled document The United States has presented a list of sanctions it proposes the UN Security Council adopt to address North Korea's nuclear test. They include interdiction and inspection of all shipping in and out of North Korea. The US is … Continue reading

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A Look Inside The WaPo Newsroom

Untitled document Via tippity-top secret Blogtronic™ video cameras. Shhhh. You didn't hear that from me. Tweet

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City Of The Dead

Untitled document The Vatican museum has unveiled an ancient Roman necropolis that was accidentally uncovered while constructing a new parking lot. It is a highly unusual find as it gives a picture of not just the higher-class Romans burials but … Continue reading

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Untitled document There is a lot of speculation right now that the nuclear weapon North Korea claims to have detonated may have been a dud. It's a little early to go down that road, I think. There are some presumptions … Continue reading

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New Technology, Same Old Problem

Untitled document An 80-year old German motorist obediently followed the directions his new in-car navigation system gave him. To the very letter. No matter what. "The driver was following the orders from his navigation system and even though there was … Continue reading

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Legendary Landmark Closing

Untitled document CBGB's, the New York City icon of punk rock is closing it's doors after 33 years in the same Bowery location. Many groups got their start playing their, including the Ramones, Blondie and the Talking Heads. Despite an … Continue reading

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It’s The Nukes, Stupid

Untitled document Says Stanley Kurtz at NRO. He's right, of course. Just as he is spot on as to why we are paralyzed internally by the foolish sideshows, carnival barkers and irrational partisanship. The failure to find WMDs in Iraq, … Continue reading

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We Hate To Say We Told You So

Untitled document Aw, heck, no we don't. Told ya: VIRGINIA BEACH, Oct. 7 — As word of Representative Mark Foley’s sexually explicit e-mail messages to former pages spread last week, Republican strategists worried — and Democrats hoped — that the … Continue reading

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Holy Cow

Untitled document No, literally. One of the ongoing problems India has is the religious custom of letting cows – and bulls – roam free in increasingly crowded cities. Incidents between the animals, considered sacred, and people are on the rise. … Continue reading

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New Border Defense Tested

Untitled document In an effort to increase border security on the Rio Grande River, the animal uprising has stepped in where the US government has failed. They have deployed a new border security force to the area. Crocodiles. Illegal migrants … Continue reading

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China Denounces North Korean Nuke Test

Untitled document In unusually harsh language, China has condemned North Korea's test of a nuclear weapon. The official statement tells North Korea it must halt any activities that would worsen the situation. On 9 October, the Democratic People's Republic of … Continue reading

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US Confirms North Korean Nuke Test

Untitled document Fox News has a report that says an unnamed US official has confirmed that North Korea did, in fact, detonate a nuclear bomb. They are also saying the seismic data indicates that the bomb yield may have been … Continue reading

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