It’s The Nukes, Stupid

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Says Stanley Kurtz at NRO. He's right, of course. Just as he is spot on as to why we are paralyzed internally by the foolish sideshows, carnival barkers and irrational partisanship.

The failure to find WMDs in Iraq, the shrieking of America’s doves, and the constraints of international diplomacy have all prevented the Bush administration from speaking honestly and openly to the American people about the true nature of the threat we face. And pretty much everyone else has taken their eyes off the ball. Iraqi WMDs? Not nearly as important as what Saddam could and would have bought and built with the help of North Korea and A. Q. Kahn. Troubles in Iraq? Not nearly as important as the deterrent effect of an America willing to brave 3,000 casualties for the sake of proving our willingness to take down rouge states. Democratization? Important in the long term, but a sideshow compared to the nuclear knife at our throat. A free-spending Republican Congress? Not nearly as important as the danger of an administration paralyzed by a dovish Democratic congress at this moment of grievous danger. Capital Hill sex scandals? Not nearly as important as keeping the Capital and all its pages from being blown sky-high by Osama’s lackeys.

Oh, right. It’s all just a Rovian plot. What will it take to wake this sleeping nation up? It’s the nukes, stupid. It’s the nukes, smarty. It’s the nukes, Mr. President. It’s the nukes, Democrats. It’s the nukes, Republicans. It’s the nukes, Pat Buchanan. It’s the nukes, Michael Moore…. It’s the nukes.

Read the whole thing. It is as short as it is chilling. While the US is in complete internal disarray due to partisan bickering, the threat is growing. While the left's insistence on negotiating endlessly with regimes which have proven repeatedly that they will not negotiate in good faith, we draw ever closer to the brink. While the West fiddles, the flames are being fanned to life by rogue states.

It's the nukes, stupid. We're running out of time to stop this.

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One Response to It’s The Nukes, Stupid

  1. syn says:

    If Americans do not know by now the threats we face then either they are refusing to deal with reality (more than enough times I have heard people say that the threats ie nukes or Jihadism will never happen here) or either they want America destroyed (an unholy alliance motivated by the international progressive Left).

    Bush has stated numerous times over and again the Avis of Evil speech as well as ‘it’s going to be a long war’ but many Americans simply do not want their lifestyle disrupted or they have convinced themsleves that Dowdified news is truth. The apathy happens with voters from both sides of the aisle but mainly from people who never take the time to participate.

    What bugs me these days are the ‘moderate/independent/Libertarian’ crowd which sits on the sideline offering nothing but condescending attitude as if somehow they are above the fray. Republicans allow for debate, criticism, and ideas unlike the Democrats who only offer conformity, emotional blackmail and hate America which is a far cry from the moderates/independents/Libertarians who expect everyone to cater to their fabby bellyaching.

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