Spam Wars

Untitled document I have no idea why, but today is turning into an absolute nightmare on the comment spam front. I am going to turn on a plug-in that will make you have to enter a verification word to post a comment. The downside of this is that trackbacks will not get through. So if you link the Crabitat, I will not get a trackback.

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  1. webloggin says:


    I am not sure if you are on a server where you have access to your .htaccess file but you can block these spammers by setting up some simple rules if in fact you can access that file. The solution for me and the people I host is through redirects in the .htaccess files if you have access to them.

    Basically you search your logs for a referrer and redirect/block them as they come in (yes you will still see them in your logs). My users hardly ever get any trackback spam anymore. Plus my server load is better.

    A sample .htaccess file can be found here:

    See Tom Rafferty and the Spam Huntress for a good explanation of how this works.

    The only entry Tom has in his .htaccess file that I would consider removing is the following:

    SetEnvIf User-Agent ^$ trackers

    (just comment it out with a pound sign as follows:)

    #SetEnvIf User-Agent ^$ trackers

    If trackback spam still makes it through then uncomment this line and you will stop a good many trackbacks including more of the spam.

    As always, immediately test that your server is still available anytime you mess with a .htaccess file. Errors in this file will cause errors and will likely prevent people from acessing your site until you undo the erroneous line.

  2. webloggin says:

    Oh, naturally I use Akismet as a fallback. The combo of .htaccess and this plugin are what save me from getting any more gray hairs than I already have!

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